How To Get Your Real Estate License

real estate license

We discussed ways you can get money without a job, and here comes one more way for you to start making money. Six years ago, many people made a killing in real estate and since the recession we have seen only the best survive. A new era of foreclosures and short sales came about and once again proved that real estate never dies but simply slows down.

In recent years, the art of real estate has become very streamlined, it used to be a difficult license to obtain and used to be a glamorous opportunity, but as with everything else, the internet has once again taken the glamor away and has made it easy for just about anyone to get started.

The license itself is simply a matter of passing two tests, one for the state you live in and wish to sell in, the other a generic one based on being a person of good judgment. Neither is difficult, but they can be confusing due to the amount of math and numbers involved. Once again, I cannot stress that it is not hard and to not be afraid to go for it. The test will cost you about $200 in fees and will require you to team up with an agency in order for you to get your license. Teaming up while you are studying might also have its benefits as most agencies will pay for you to take your test.

So how do you get started?

That’s the simple part, there are two opportunities out there. The first is you get all the books needed and start reading everything about the laws and rules; not very smart and very time consuming. The second is the easier but more expensive way. Spend $300 and go to, its easy, fast and you learn what you need to know but more importantly it remains a great online resource for all your future questions.

Once you take 2 months and pass your test, please remember that recessions are the best time to start something new and fail at it before you learn to be the best at it. By the time the market picks back up, you will have already built a list of clients and will know how to maximize your profits.

Education is a great investment in a down turn economy, as it is the building foundation of what you will make money on when the economy turns around.