Secret Academy Episode – Ali Awad

Secret Academy Episode - Ali Awad

Coming to this country as an immigrant from Palestine, Ali Awad and his family made their lives in the rural parts of northern Georgia. With no papers, but with ambition and drive, Ali found works doing odd jobs all his life along side his father in the automotive audio and wheel industry. While these ventures provided dollars, they didn’t provide a scalable and growable business venture which Ali knew he wanted. Ali knew being in the US meant he had opportunities that wouldn’t be extended to him back home, so rather than settling for mediocrity he decided to explore one of the elite professions we have in the U.S: Law. After taking the LSAT’s on a whim, Ali was put into law school and started on a journey that has now made him one of the most well-known personal inquiry lawyers in the state of Georgia.

Why Everyone NEEDS To Drive An Exotic Car

Why Everyone NEEDS To Drive An Exotic Car

People always ask me why I push everyone to experience Exotic Car Hacks. They ask me what is the correlation to success and Secret Academy. The answer is extremely simple. For me, growing up, nice cars and exotic cars have always been a fixation, something to help keep me going in a direction even when my destination wasn’t always clear. Over the…

Secret Academy Episode – Jon Carder

Secret Academy Episode - Jon Carder

In a world where technology is forever evolving, one can imagine how difficult it can be to keep up with the times. However, there are some people, like my guest Jon Carder who are able to capitalize on this ever changing game and make it work in his company’s favor. Years ago Jon started a company that helped make earning loyalty rewards a frictionless process. No longer did you have to wave around a coupon at a store to get your discount, Jon’s company made it so you could just link your rewards right to your credit card for a smooth, easy process that still earned you rewards and cash back. Now with brick and mortar stores not being the only means of purchase, Jon has evolved his company to reflect both online and offline transactions. His company, Empyr acts as an intermediate, bringing together customers and apps, stores, or websites like: Facebook,, Living Social, etc for the customer to be able to utilize rewards and the business to make profit percentages off of every purchase. This is something a little different than what we are used to talking about here at Secret Entourage, but I am super excited for you all to hear Jon’s story and just how successful his transactional facilitation business has become.

Instead of RESOLUTIONS, do THIS in 2019 (& beyond)

Instead of RESOLUTIONS, do THIS in 2019 (& beyond)

Yesterday marked the final page of a chapter, and today is the first of a new one. For those of you who think that the clock starts all over each year, you’re wrong. The clock doesn’t reset, it merely continues, so if you are not compounding wins and learning through the years you will never experience the growth others do…

Secret Academy Episode – Mike Cordero

Secret Academy Episode - Mike Cordero

Mike Cordero is a seasoned veteran when it comes to the industry of hospitality. He says it himself, “ in order to succeed in this business, you need expierence.” Chef Mike Cordero has over 40 years as a serial restauranteur who has now ventured to the wine space as well. Dominating the metro DC area with over half a dozen restaurants, he knows the business like the back of his hand. His restaurants range in tastes from sports bars, to sushi, fine dining, to casual pizza joints. Now while most people say you should stick to the food you know when it comes to opening up new restaurants, Mike disagrees. After 4 decades in this space Mike Cordero has created a formula that he is able to use in all of his ventures to make them sustainable, successful, and satisfying to the customers. After seeing all there is to see in an industry that is ever changing, Mike is wanting to share his expierence and knowledge with you to help guide any of you who are interested in this industry.

Secret Academy Episode – Bryan Casella

Secret Academy Episode - Bryan Casella

Bryan Casella came out of school knowing exactly what he wanted to be, a basketball start. After playing overseas for a few years he was soon benched forever due to some injuries. But Bryan knew his place in life was never on the sidelines, it was right in the middle of the action. So he went back to the states, settled in sunny California, and set off to find work. Driving buy big real estate firms every day his interest began to peak until one day he stopped by an office to see what it was all about. Next thing he knew he was taking the exam, getting his license, and had sold over 15 properties in his first year, totaling over $120,000 in gross commissions. Not bad for a rookie. Bryan has only used this momentum to further perfect his craft of being a real estate agent. So much so that he is currently a team leader at EXP Reality, with a whole team of agents behind him, so all in all Bryan did get to play on a team. Just instead of wearing jerseys they wear suits and instead of winning trophies they win big ole’ checks.

Secret Academy Episode – Robert Hartline

Secret Academy Episode - Robert Hartline

Back in 1994 Robert started on this entrepreneurial journey by going out knocking door to door asking everyday people if they needed a cell phone. Now for my younger viewers, back then, the answer was usually “no”. The only people who needed a mobile phone then were doctors or lawyers, high power professionals mainly. So another skill arose, he could CLONE cellphones. This means he could clone the number onto a separate device to allow you to own 2 phones but only pay for 1. Once he got you sold on that at $150/pop he would take you out to his car and sell you chargers, car adapters, etc right out of his trunk! But as the times changed and phones became necessities in everyones life, including most 12 year olds for some reason, Robert had to adapt. He evolved his business time and time again to meet the ever changing needs of the phone market. He did some business to business work, then moved on to phone repair stores on a brick and mortar basis, and when asked if he would do it all again knowing who fast technology advance this day in age, he said “yes.” Find out why on this Secret Entourage Academy episode.