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5 Life Lessons Worth Sharing

Experience outweighs education, and today we take a few moments to look at 5 life lessons that we hope you will share with others.  These are 5 lessons that we wish we would have listened to growing up in the business world.  It’s always difficult to accept other people’s life lessons as universal but as every successful person shares certain traits and characteristics, the same can be said about their experiences and learning.

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10 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Gangnam Style

As you may have heard, PSY, one of Korea’s oldest K-Pop singers, has made a comeback worldwide with his new single Gangnam style. This very catchy and latest K-pop song has taken over YouTube and even US radio stations nationwide and is creeping up to be one of the most popular songs worldwide. What you may not have known is that PSY is not a new artist and that his past songs have not even come remotely close to the impact this latest single has made. Despite the comedic nature of the song, there are some valuable lessons for every entrepreneur to learn from him and Gangnam style.

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Modulare Wheels – The 991 is Back!

When Modulare Wheels were the first company ever to fit a set of aftermarket wheels on a 991, we knew they were setting the bar for how a 991 should really look with new shoes on.  Fast forward 6 months and go halfway around the world, the song is still the same.  This 991 in Jakarta, Indonesia is showing South East Asia how it’s done.

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Luxury Real Estate – Malibu’s Affordable Glass House

Malibu’s most affordable homes is priced right under $4 million and it is a glass masterpiece built on over 11 acres, with magnificent views and believe it or not with a large amount of privacy.  Located at the end of a long driveway in the heart of Malibu’s wine country, this modern estate epitomizes the Southern California relaxed luxury lifestyle.

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A Reality Check

Understanding your value is very important and if you followed our article two weeks ago on how we define one person’s value over another, you’ll understand the differentiators between what distinguishes one person’s power over another. Being powerful as a result of understanding your own value and holding control over your emotions is important but how do we keep score of what matters most and how well we are using our abilities?

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5 Reasons to NOT Start Your Own Business

Being an entrepreneur or business owner may look glamorous from the outside but it certainly is not an easy task. For those of you thinking about starting your own venture, just keep these 5 reasons in your head and ensure your rationale is aligned with your efforts or they could be in vain.

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Project Murcielago “Matador” Phase 1

Another Secret Entourage Project car is well underway and this time we are going back to our Lamborghini roots and starting with a 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago in pearl yellow. We are naming this project “Matador” and are going to be transforming this older Murci into a more modern LP670. We have chosen the 04 Murcielago because it can be had for under $150,000 and offers tremendous value for the money. Here is what we have planned for our project…

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