Project Murcielago “Matador” Phase 1

Another Secret Entourage Project car is well underway and this time we are going back to our Lamborghini roots and starting with a 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago in pearl yellow. We are naming this project “Matador” and are going to be transforming this older Murci into a more modern LP670. We have chosen the 04 Murcielago because it can be had for under $150,000 and offers tremendous value for the money. Here is what we have planned for our project…

When we decided to take on this project, we thought that the Murcielago was starting to look dated and wanted to give it a fresh look without making it look like a spaceship. We decided for Phase 1 to go to RSC tuning in Miami and see if they could give us one of their famous carbon fiber LP670-SV body kits. Fast forward a 120 days in the making and we received an amazing kit of extremely high quality.

The kit consists of the front bumper, side skirts and vents and rear diffuser. It also includes the higher version of the wing along with its carbon base. The kit is of extremely high quality after inspection and seems like the fitment will be dead on.

The install will take 3-4 weeks and we are expecting a perfect match thanks to Mr. Spoiler in Manassas, VA who has accepted to help us out with this latest project. Join us next month as er dive into the final phase of body enhancement on our Murcielago and reveal more of the performance upgrades around this Lamborghini.