Modulare Wheels – The 991 is Back!

When Modulare Wheels were the first company ever to fit a set of aftermarket wheels on a 991, we knew they were setting the bar for how a 991 should really look with new shoes on.  Fast forward 6 months and go halfway around the world, the song is still the same.  This 991 in Jakarta, Indonesia is showing South East Asia how it’s done.

Opting for the same 21” Modulare B18 wheel as the original, this 991 Carrera S differs only in the finish of the wheel, opting for a special matte titanium brushed finish.  It’s exquisite, don’t you think?

For those who haven’t seen or heard, the car scene in Jakarta is thriving.  Despite unbelievable traffic, heavy taxes, and less-than-ideal road conditions, the enthusiasts in Indonesia gather quite often and thoroughly enjoy the thrill of driving fast cars.

This 991 will be no exception, as the owner plans to put all 395 horsepower through the paces.

Be sure to visit Modulare’s website and give their awesome wheel configuration a try.