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Mind your OWN Business!

It’s very easy to get lost trying to rate ourselves against our peers or even rate ourselves around society when it comes to success. Its actually depressing at times and inconclusive as you often get side tracked comparing apples to oranges. In our quest for success, we often look for some sort of ranking system to gauge how well we are doing and unfortunately decide to use others as the measure.

It is often an inaccurate scale as so many factors come into play, so many that it makes it unfair to compare yourself to others on any level. There are so many circumstances that dictate success it makes it impossible to find multiple people with identical circumstances to compare us to.

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Secret Model – Jordan

secret model jordan

Another month, another model and so as always we do our best to bring you some of today’s finest new models and this month’s new model is no exception. Ronnie Renaldi Photography and Secret Entourage introduce Jordan with the Porsche GT3RS and Lamborghini Gallardo. We found Jordan browsing through some of Ronnie Renaldi’s past photographs and immediately fell in love with her amazing girl next door look. Enjoy these amazing photos of Jordan with a white Porsche GT3RS and a beautiful yellow Lamborghini Gallardo…

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Secret to Success – Robert Himler

As a website by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we come across a lot of fan mail by aspiring and established entrepreneurs. Recently we got a message from our loyal reader, Robert Himler, who wanted to share with us his latest creation aimed to redefine the image hosting industry with a twist. What sets Robert apart from many entrepreneurs is that he’s had success early on which has earned him his FOURTH Lamborghini Gallardo before he’s even allowed to legally drink alcohol. Robert shares his success story this month and tells us about his next big venture Razzi.

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Project Maserati Quattroporte “Mafia BOSS” – Phase 2

maserati quattroporte adv1 wheels

We brought you Phase 1 of our Maserati Quattroporte Project last month showcasing the exhaust upgrade from Formula Dynamics and Larini. This month, we take you to ADV1 Wheels for the ultimate 3 piece concave wheel upgrade. We wanted to stay within the theme of “Mafia BOSS” and wanted to keep the car’s all black look consistent. The Secret Team therefore decided to reach out to Jordan Swerdloff of ADV1 personally in order to help with our shoe needs. We originally wanted to go with one of ADV1’s Trackspec lineup of wheels which included the famous step lip design coupled with a concave but were told by Jordan that it wasn’t  necessarily going to turn out as we expected and that we should re-think our selection…

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Sponsor Introduction – Exotic Car Specialties

exotic car specialties

As you may have noticed, Project Mafia BOSS is well on its way and quickly becoming one of the most beautiful Maserati cars found anywhere. As Secret Entourage starts project cars, we often reach out to tuners, wheel companies and installers to help us with our projects as their expertise and/or products are essential to our projects. For Mafia BOSS, we reached out to Josh at Exotic Car Specialties. ECS specializes in tuning and high performance installations for Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati and despite a smaller shop, does a great job at providing outstanding service and amazing value for their customers.

Find out more about Exotic Car Specialties and what made Josh decide to start his own shop.

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Luxury Real Estate – Villa Allegra

villa allegra

Nothing can prepare you for this California mansion, as it is by far the best we have yet to show you. Highlighted by some of the most exquisite views in California and put together to perfection with a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary looks, this luxury estate promises that watching a movie or having a party will never be the same again. There is an unparalleled level of detail put into this house straight from Italy. Enjoy the pictures but make sure to pay close attention to the details found in the pictures as some may seem like doubles but ultimately are only variations of the same room. Simply Magnificent!

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goldRush Rally 2011

gold rush rally 2011

If there is one thing we recommend you to put on your bucket list, its to participate in a car rally. No, we’re not talking about rally racing in the dirt. We’re talking about taking an exhilarating 2000+ mile cross country drive. Now the premiere rally is still the Gumball Rally, but with a $50,000 – $100,000 entry fee, it’s simply not easy to stomach dropping that much money. Luckily, there is a new player in the game called goldRush Rally that is brought to you by the same people behind Luxury4Play. With their 3rd annual goldRush Rally coming up, we thought we’d take a look at why this is quickly becoming the benchmark for car rallies. Best of all, its quite affordable!

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