goldRush Rally 2011

gold rush rally 2011

If there is one thing we recommend you to put on your bucket list, its to participate in a car rally. No, we’re not talking about rally racing in the dirt. We’re talking about taking an exhilarating 2000+ mile cross country drive. Now the premiere rally is still the Gumball Rally, but with a $50,000 – $100,000 entry fee, it’s simply not easy to stomach dropping that much money. Luckily, there is a new player in the game called goldRush Rally that is brought to you by the same people behind Luxury4Play. With their 3rd annual goldRush Rally coming up, we thought we’d take a look at why this is quickly becoming the benchmark for car rallies. Best of all, its quite affordable!

Now before we begin to even explain goldRush Rally and the details of this years rally, take a moment and watch this EPIC video done by Wagenwerks of last years rally.

This video in essence sums up what you would expect on the goldRush Rally. The people attending range from young entrepreneurs to retired business owners and everything in between. One thing they all have in common is a passion for cars and they all know how to have a good time. You can also see that goldRush Rally is not just about driving non-stop. Each destination checkpoint presents a totally different event such as track rentals or land mark sight seeing. Each and every night you will be partying at the most exquisite hotels along the way and treated with true VIP status.

gold rush rally

goldRush Rally 2011


On June 14th, the goldRush Rally will start out in Denver Colorado. Participants will check into the Four Seasons Hotel to finish registration and finish up last minute details such as stickering of the cars. The participants will get to meet one another and then prepare for the kickoff VIP Party later that night. At sunrise the next morning, the journey will commence.

The morning of June 15th, drivers will venture on a 6 hour drive to Park City Utah where they will encounter scenic routes along great driving roads. Participants will finally arrive at the St Regis Hotel Deer Park to relax a little bit and then prepare for the VIP Party later that night.

After Park City, drivers will embark on a journey to Las Vegas on June 16th, where they will meet more drivers joining in at this leg. The day will bring action packed racing at the local drag strip where cars will go head to head for fun and laughs. The night will end at the new Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas. After all, Vegas is known for their epic parties.

The next day on June 17th is a scenic drive to the beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona where participants will be able to wind down after a long night of partying. Participants can’t wind down completely though as they will be able to enjoy a pool side party to relax and cool down from the hot Arizona sun.

The final leg of goldRush Rally goes from Scottsdale to the always sunny Los Angeles where participants will arrive at the St. Regis Monarch Beach. After some down time and a change of clothes, participants will be chauffeured to a secret location where dinner, awards, contests, and VIP festivities awaits to end what would be a long 6 day journey.

These are the details provided by their website but you can be sure of many surprises along the way.

goldrush rally 2011


goldRush Rally is more than just a car event. It’s a lifestyle brand that brings in big name sponsors from all over. Some of these sponsors are good friends of ours such as JP Logistics who handles all our vehicle transports. They’ve been assigned to handle all vehicle shipping logistics for this years goldRush Rally. Not only that, you can expect to see them join the rally as well. Our good friends at Klutch22 are sponsors as well and recently released a goldRush Rally specific Klutch22 app that all the attendees will use to locate each other. Other sponsors include Mr. Ticket who will assist in any infractions, B&W Car Rental who will be providing shuttle service, and several more sponsors.



goldRush Rally attracts generally the luxury lifestyle crowd. It is no surprise to see cars ranging from Lamborghini Murcielago’s to Mercedes Benz SLRs but that does not mean you need an exotic to attend. goldRush Rally welcomes anyone and everyone to attend. This years rally has 40 attendees already confirmed with more on the way. To get a glimpse of what kind of cars have signed up, see below:

1. Liquid Assets: MBz S65 AMG
2. BC: RENNtech SLR
3. BC: Lambo SL, TT
4. Raw: Rawserati+SuicideCont
5. Steve: 458
6. Scott: Scud
7. Jason: Mas QP
8. Ron: Lambo Murci
9. Seth: GTR
10. Blitzo: Lambo Murci
11. B&W: 599 TBD
12. B&W: 458 TBD
13. B&W: Ghost TBD
14. B&W: Sprinter
15. Mohammed: Noble
16. Forgiato?
17. BBI?
18. Dan DB9/430/?
19. Team Arab Money 4/5 Cars M6
20. Team Arab Money 4/5 Cars Porsche
21. Team Arab Money 4/5 Cars RR
22. Team Arab Money 4/5 Cars TBD
22. Platinum Motors: Maybach
23. Grendel 996 GT2
24. Jeff Ferrari 430
25. JP Logistics ?
26. Porsche Boxster S Special Edition ( Hotest Chick as the Pilot)
27. Nissan GTR ( Pilot: Robert and Co-Pilot) A very good friend
28. Jason (Targa Trophy): TBD
29. Jaime MBZ SL55 Wide Body
30. Tina: Audi S5
31. Eddie: Lamborghini Gallardo
32. Andrea: Ferrari 360
33. Andrew: Lamborghini Murcielago
34: Eric: BMW M3
35. Rich: Corvette ZO6
36. Jonas: Bentley
37. Sean: TBD
38. Adam: Lamborghini LP-560
39. Eric: Porsche 997 GT2
40. Mike: Lamborghini Gallardo SL

goldrush rally3


This years rally has an entry fee of just $7,000, which accommodates two people for hotels, parties, track events, and much more. In case you can’t attend all 5 legs, you’ll be able to join in midway at Las Vegas and only pay a $4,500 entry fee. Keep in mind that there will be other costs such as car shipping, gas, food, and general wear and tear and necessities. For repeat participants, you’ll be able to get a nice discount to join this years rally. As you can see it is by far a bargain compared to other rallies and even after spending a few thousand dollars; the friends, connections, and the memories will be priceless.

goldrush rally


Head on over to the official goldRush Rally website to register before its too late. Check them out on Facebook and send them an email if you have any questions.