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exotic car specialties

As you may have noticed, Project Mafia BOSS is well on its way and quickly becoming one of the most beautiful Maserati cars found anywhere. As Secret Entourage starts project cars, we often reach out to tuners, wheel companies and installers to help us with our projects as their expertise and/or products are essential to our projects. For Mafia BOSS, we reached out to Josh at Exotic Car Specialties. ECS specializes in tuning and high performance installations for Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati and despite a smaller shop, does a great job at providing outstanding service and amazing value for their customers.

Find out more about Exotic Car Specialties and what made Josh decide to start his own shop.

Josh is officially the recommended installer for Formula Dynamics which is Secret Entourage’s tuner of choice for Project Mafia BOSS. When we first created a partnership with Formula Dynamics, we were a bit skeptical about having Josh work with us on this project as we already has installers for our past projects but we were soon surprised by the level of professionalism and excellent value that Josh provided.

As exotic car owners, it is often difficult to find good service technicians and shop that does not charge ridiculous rates to work on our cars as the marquee itself seems to allow mechanics to ask for a premium regardless of the simplicity of the job. This practice is on going across the industry and goes from dealerships to personal shops but time after time again continues to haunt the drivers of exotic cars who end up paying $2500+ for a simple oil change.

Josh and his team however were different and were not only passionate but rather practical in their ways of dong business. Most of their work came from word of mouth advertising and referrals which spoke well of his business seeing how many exotics are parked outside at any given time waiting for service or upgrades. We worked with Josh on an exhaust install as well as a few more technical parts that required someone with major experience. We found his work to be clean, and the bill to be honest and moderate for the work performed.

We recommend that any exotic car owners in VA /DC / MD give Exotic Car Specialties a try as you will not only enjoy the same level of service you get at shops like Competizone or Ferrari of Washington but you wont have to pay $140/hr labor rate just for the cappuccino you get there. Let Josh know Secret Entourage sent you for even more savings.

Exotic Car Specialties

201 Davis Dr Suite L

Sterling, VA 20164