Mind your OWN Business!

It’s very easy to get lost trying to rate ourselves against our peers or even rate ourselves around society when it comes to success. Its actually depressing at times and inconclusive as you often get side tracked comparing apples to oranges. In our quest for success, we often look for some sort of ranking system to gauge how well we are doing and unfortunately decide to use others as the measure.

It is often an inaccurate scale as so many factors come into play, so many that it makes it unfair to compare yourself to others on any level. There are so many circumstances that dictate success it makes it impossible to find multiple people with identical circumstances to compare us to.

Since we cannot compare ourselves to others, we must become our own competition and strive for perfection daily in order to move forward. Ourselves ultimately set the velocity at which we move. The results however are none that can be compared to others as every situation is as unique as the next.

The real point here is why do we worry about what others are doing if we ultimately shouldn’t compare ourselves to them. The answer is jealousy and should end immediately. If you are someone that often finds yourself worrying about what others are doing, how they are doing it and where their wealth comes from, then start minding your own business and instead focus your energy on yourself and your work which is what will get you there, not finding out if your neighbor is in the Mafia or indeed a real estate guru. The best way to check if you are yourself is to ask yourself if you often form conclusions when faced with an individual who has attained a higher level of monetary success. Do you often find yourself guessing that perhaps this person was given wealth from past generations or that they are involved in negative activities that have led to financial success?

Bottom line, its simply none of your business and should rather focus our energy and efforts on our own growth and not criticize one whose level of success is above ours. If you find yourself in such a negative position where a friend or relative seems to feel that way, then identify them as one whose lack of effort and lack of motivation is ultimately going to be the reason they fail, and separate yourself from that energy instantly.