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Art of Entrepreneurship – Learning to Fail

Despite the constant quest for success, entrepreneurship does involve risk and potentially failure. Many great entrepreneurs will tell you that in their lifetime they have failed at many different times and on various different projects. Failure is a part of success and understanding how to deal with failure and its consequences simply means that you are able to understand the possibilities realistically. Failure is nothing more than an opportunity to turn things around and improve based on your learning… but does failure mean that the end of the road has come for your venture and a new one is in order?

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10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Entrepreneurs

50 cent entrepreneur

Sometimes being rich and famous isn’t enough for a few celebrities. With celebrity status brings brand and self recognition, but more importantly loads of money in many cases. Even D-List celebrities with their 15 minutes of fame will try to capitalize on it. So what do a few celebrities do when they have too much money and want even more? Simply launch or invest into a few businesses. Instead of bringing you high calibers celebrities like Jay-Z or 50 Cent, let’s take a look at a 10 celebrities you didn’t know were entrepreneurs…

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D2 Forged Redefined – The MB1 Revealed

“The thinking behind this wheel was simple, go back to the monoblock mesh drawing board and innovate. We started with a completely new concave profile, and then went on to fine tune every design aspect of the wheel. From the spoke width, to the depth of the bowl section, to the detailed faceting, we sweated every detail until we achieved perfection. It’s the reason the wheel looks more organic, like a sculpture.”

Our friends at D2 Forged have truly outdone themselves with one of our favorite mesh wheel designs ever…

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5 Things You Should Never Pay For!

free stuff

The best things in life are free or so they say, but yet people still pay for many things that are indeed free to all. There are many people who unfortunately are not savvy enough to know that some of the services they pay for today are indeed free in the business world. We compile 5 business items you should never pay for and provide you solutions on where to get them free so that perhaps you can save significant money over the course of 2011.

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STAY POOR! – The Quest for Instant Gratification

In celebration of the official Secret Entourage book:  STAY POOR! being released on February 1st this year, we have decided to give you a sneak peek of an exert from the book. The book is the guiding principle of the mindset needed to achieve a higher level of success and to enable yourself to live a better life. We are pleased to say that we try to not beat around the bush too much and are very upfront about what keeps people from being unsuccessful, and I will say that this book is not for those that are easily offended and are afraid to look in a mirror. It is the reality whether you like it or not…

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Art of Entrepreneurship – Self Motivation

self motivation

In the world of entrepreneurship, being motivated can be the secret ingredient that leads us to the ultimate victory we seek. When we discussed “What Is Motivation?“, we examined what motivation means to a person and why it is important as food for your thoughts but where do we find it?  Motivation is ultimately all around us and in one form or another manifests itself by catching our attention and reminding us of why we do what we do. A simple example of this is the element of cars, which seem to be a common passion for many people, we see them everyday and yet are not always motivated by all you see but once in a while, one catches your attention and truly makes you desire it, desire to the point that you choose to act and work harder to obtain it…

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2011 CLS63 – Tribute To The Next CLS AMG

2011 cls63 amg

In celebration of Mercedes Benz’s second generation CLS, Secret Entourage has decided to unveil the new CLS63 AMG by showing you some of the hottest CLS55 and CLS63 from around the country. The new 2011 CLS63 seem to somewhat keeps its lines from before but it has been significantly changed inside and out, without mentioning that it is now powered by the new 63 motor and Bi-Turbos only as Mercedes knows it.

Here is what we think to be the worlds best put together CLS cars by today’s hottest tuners.

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