STAY POOR! – The Quest for Instant Gratification

In celebration of the official Secret Entourage book:  STAY POOR! being released on February 1st this year, we have decided to give you a sneak peek of an exert from the book. The book is the guiding principle of the mindset needed to achieve a higher level of success and to enable yourself to live a better life. We are pleased to say that we try to not beat around the bush too much and are very upfront about what keeps people from being unsuccessful, and I will say that this book is not for those that are easily offended and are afraid to look in a mirror. It is the reality whether you like it or not…

Without further due…

One of the most common mistakes people make is having unreasonable expectations of their environment and of themselves. People expect to be given golden opportunities that lead to immediate success and often believe they are entitled to that success regardless of their efforts. These dreamers who dream without merit are the core problem that our country faces and the reason that Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies continue to report record earnings. The problem that people have is called the quest for instant gratification, which is in theory what was known back in the day as “get rich quick.” It was useless back in the day, it is still useless today, and is considered even rarer than winning the lottery. It is important that if you are one of those many people who believe that they will find that niche that allows them to become rich overnight… PLEASE STOP NOW.

It has not happened to you yet and it is very likely not going to happen to you tomorrow so please drop the idea that fortunes and wealth are created overnight through some kind of extraordinary process. As you’ll come to learn later, all of those wonderful things you dream of come with nothing more than dedication, patience, and hard work. I like to think of instant gratification this way:

Instant Gratification = Arrogance + Ignorance

None of today’s great companies were created overnight and certainly none were a result of a miracle formula. All were created by people devoting their lives to creating a brand, one that they envisioned and spent years building and improving upon what their core idea was about. Their ability to adapt to their markets, clients, and circumstances made them successful while others failed.

The main idea is to stop expecting greatness to occur overnight and instead focus on building a foundation for you, one that you can stand on while you build a great outcome for yourself, which we will learn to accomplish in the upcoming chapters.

“Always question where the promise of success is coming from” – Don

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