D2 Forged Redefined – The MB1 Revealed

“The thinking behind this wheel was simple, go back to the monoblock mesh drawing board and innovate. We started with a completely new concave profile, and then went on to fine tune every design aspect of the wheel. From the spoke width, to the depth of the bowl section, to the detailed faceting, we sweated every detail until we achieved perfection. It’s the reason the wheel looks more organic, like a sculpture.”

Our friends at D2 Forged have truly outdone themselves with one of our favorite mesh wheel designs ever…

mercedes d2forged mb1

“As simple as this sounds, this wheel presented a major amount of obstacles. The forging profile didn’t exist so we had to engineer it, and then due to the radii of the concave, we had re-design the wheel for each vehicle application, front and rear! Our centercap had to be redesigned to fit into that deep recess and still clear the hub. It was a challenge, but innovation is never easy. The amazing thing about the wheel industry is most chose to follow the path of least resistance. It’s very easy to wait for the next big thing, and say “I can do that too”. We prefer to develop new and innovative products.” – D2 Forged

d2 forged mb1 porsche cayenne

Concave wheels are slowly but surely becoming the new standard in wheel technology and the lighter monoblock applications are even becoming more of a best seller due to the weight saving and simplicity of the design. The MB1 has quickly become one of our favorite mesh wheels available anywhere and has been installed on several Secret Entourage cars. We highly recommend it to anyone looking for a value monoblock concave wheel that doesn’t sacrifice design and quality. It is by far one of our favorite creations from D2 Forged, and we are expecting many more designs in their monoblock line.

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d2 forged mb1