Art of Entrepreneurship – Self Motivation

self motivation

In the world of entrepreneurship, being motivated can be the secret ingredient that leads us to the ultimate victory we seek. When we discussed “What Is Motivation?“, we examined what motivation means to a person and why it is important as food for your thoughts but where do we find it?  Motivation is ultimately all around us and in one form or another manifests itself by catching our attention and reminding us of why we do what we do. A simple example of this is the element of cars, which seem to be a common passion for many people, we see them everyday and yet are not always motivated by all you see but once in a while, one catches your attention and truly makes you desire it, desire to the point that you choose to act and work harder to obtain it…

Motivation is empowering, encouraging and pushes our minds, bodies, and talent to the limits of our capacities and then when we run out of energy, it enables us to push harder than ever before into the next phase. The world of entrepreneurship by itself is motivation to those true entrepreneurs that are on a quest to win. They are motivated by events, progress or actions that help bring their idea to life. While they also get motivated by materialist things in some cases or a better lifestyle, their ultimate motivation remains their work and this quest for success. This motivation is then translated into energy that enables patience usually not found in everyday people. It’s the motivation they find by reminding themselves of their vision and the reason they are working so hard.

The real differentiators between real entrepreneurs and those that simply start ideas but will never see them to completion is their ability to remain self motivated throughout their time. Remember that as the entrepreneur, the head of your work and the one chief operating officer, you must rely on no one but yourself to succeed and remain motivated, you ultimately are that person that must not only motivate yourself but anyone else on your team. YOU SIMPLY HAVE NO ROOM TO NAG!

Over the years, I have found different ways to keep myself motivated and wanted to share a few techniques with you that will help you overcome any downfalls or problems you might face. In the upcoming Secret Entourage book:  Stay Poor, I discuss various ways to find your indicators and use them at your maximum potential to keep going, this is a vital part of self motivation but there is the element of visualization which plays a much larger part than you think. Visualization is your ability to envision what the life you seek, or the items you seek or even the money you seek looks like once it enters your life.  In other words, you picture what you’d like to happen and hold on to that picture forever until your life becomes the picture.  The way I do so is by going after things that I want and simply sampling them and getting a taste for them, which then makes me miss them and want them more and helps me create actions that help me get to the prize.  It doesn’t have to be a car as mentioned earlier, you can use anything such as treating yourself to a very expensive restaurant one time, or perhaps going to an open house for a home well above your means to see what its like.  You can even use people that have accomplished more than you as a form of motivation, especially if their venture took some time. The bottom line is you need to remain self motivated for as long as it takes to drive forward results with the same velocity day after day, weeks after weeks and years after years.

If you don’t do it, no one will do it for you!

Unless that is, you are counting on Secret Entourage to motivate you :)