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Just Do It – The Business Mindset

business mindset

As much as choices are a part of what makes us who we are, acting on those choices does too!

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Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept Car

With the 2010 Paris Motor Show just days away Lamborghini has been teasing the consumers with very abstract images of their upcoming concept car. Thanks to the inside information from Lamborghini fanatic, a007apl, he has managed to get the official press release as well as high resolution images of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento concept car. Read the press release to learn more about this 2,200LB supercar that can catapult to 60 mph in the same time as a Bugatti Veyron…

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Is The Career Path You Are Seeking a Dead End?

When I was growing up in my early childhood I was always under the obligation to care for myself as my single mother found herself working most days and nights. Growing up and reaching the age of 14, I had the independent mindset that “no one will do for you what you need to do for yourself” and so I found myself wanting to work and earn money – for what else? Video games!

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100 Ultimate Dream Car Garages Part 1

As a kid growing up, there was no better motivation than the infamous “Justification for Higher Education” poster. This poster is the epitome of what we all strive for in life. As entrepreneurs, this is why we make sacrifices so we can have a mansion on the water with a garage full of exotics. Times have changed but the dream is still very much alive. We’ve gathered the top 100 dream car garages to share with you all. These are real garages with real stories and not dealerships. We decided to break it into 10 parts starting with the more basic car collections and ending with insane dream car garages that will blow your mind. Enjoy part 1…

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ADV1 – Epic Rebirth

Its been a while since we’ve heard our friends at ADV1 making noise. We recently contact Jordan to ask him if there was a reason why we hadn’t heard from him or seen any new projects coming up. He told us last time that they were working on big things like Aston Martins, LP640’s and Heffner Twin Turbo powered cars and so we were dying to see some pictures of their work, but then he told us he had a video that was in the works by our friends at Wagenwerks… and then the world stopped!

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Top 5 Luxury Experiences You Must Try Before You Die!

You’ve always heard me say that life is more than just goals, it’s more than just victory, it’s about the experience of life…

The more money you make, the more freedom you earn, and the more time you earn. Time is much more important than money, as no matter what you do you can never make up lost time.  As you grow successful in your life, make sure to check out these 5 different experiences that will change your view of luxury living forever. These are not ranked by the amount of money it takes to experience them, but rather the feel of each experience and which gives you a better feel that you’ve made it.

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Project Aston “Heaven” Phase 5

We covered the all mighty performance parts that VELOCITY AP supplied us with during our Phase 4 review but left you hanging right before unveiling our exhaust system upgrades. Exhaust on any exotic is almost as important as wheels, simply because no matter what power your exotic makes, the sound it makes is really what determines its head turning ability.

For our exhaust system, we looked at multiple options but ended up with the more docile one of the bunch, primarily because our car was already heavily modified and therefore we did not need the loudest or most powerful but rather the exhaust that worked best with our setup while retaining the sound of an amazing Aston Martin.

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