ADV1 – Epic Rebirth

Its been a while since we’ve heard our friends at ADV1 making noise. We recently contact Jordan to ask him if there was a reason why we hadn’t heard from him or seen any new projects coming up. He told us last time that they were working on big things like Aston Martins, LP640’s and Heffner Twin Turbo powered cars and so we were dying to see some pictures of their work, but then he told us he had a video that was in the works by our friends at Wagenwerks… and then the world stopped!

With the launch of the new, ADV1 had to step it up and make sure that innovation and perfection met in perfect synchrony. So what did they do? We sit down with Jordan Swerdloff to learn more…

The new ADV1 Trailer is EPIC, what can you tell us about the relationship between you and the very talented Wagenwerks? How do you feel about the finished product?

Thank you, they did an absolutely incredible job and I was really impressed with their talent and how they really enjoy what they’re doing.  You can see it in their work, and it’s obvious that these guys are going to be huge if they keep it up.  I actually had never heard of them until I saw the L4p Goldrush trailer and I was amazed.  I’ve been looking for a good film crew for years and had never came across anyone even close to this quality.  After seeing the GR trailer, I did some research on them, got in touch and made magic happen.  A couple weeks later, around 8am on a Sunday they were at my front door ready to shoot.  The end result is amazing and has made a huge impact for us, especially in conjunction with the new site launch, together they’ve brought the company to the next level once again.  We’ll be doing a lot more video in the upcoming months including a quarterly segment covering our most recent developments, projects and best of all, slow motion burnouts and drifting.  At the present moment, by a mutual and amicable agreement between us, unfortunately we will not be using them again as they’re also doing work now, as predicted for some of our competitors who are attempting to emulate the same image that we’ve created.  It’s unfortunate, but I don’t blame them as they’re in business to make money – I do feel that it’s a blatant ADV.1 bootleg attempt by some competitors who I’m surprised would do such a desperate move, but I guess I’m used to it by now : )

There a few projects this month worth highlighting… as well as the newest and sickest wheel to date released.

The SR Auto Group Aston Martin Vantage sitting on ADV5.1…

The ultimate Porsche GT3RS…

The Twin LP640’s and McLaren SLR! WAIT! Who owns these?

The LP’s were built by our good friend Turbo Alex of SP Engineering, he owns one of them and a mutual customer of ours and Heffner’s owns the other LP and the SLR as well as a host of other monsters that are pretty well known as well.  SP has done some amazing projects and are some great guys to work with.  There were actually several companies involved in the whole 5 car project including our #1 dealer Wheels Boutique, Jason Heffner / Heffners performance, and SP Engineering all collaborated together on this with us and the end result turned out amazing.

WOW! Now to the juicy stuff…We heard you released a new wheel and we are jealous! I want a set for my Aston Martin project as they are really HOT and lightweight. What can you tell us?

Thanks! They’re my favorite design yet, the deep concave track spec.  I’ve always been a fan of the step lip, but there was something about the setups everyone was doing that just wasn’t perfect.  It was kind of an old school style that never evolved, and eventually faded out for the most part.  I knew that it would be amazing to combine a concave profile with an old school step lip, and have the spokes come up over the step, giving it a new look and eliminating the small looking typical setup since the normal step lip 20” wheel uses a 19” center disc, which didn’t always look right on newer exotics.  The problem was the engineering involved in doing this, you need a forging blank that’s not exactly the norm…Basically, without getting too technical, it didn’t exist and no one had the balls to engineer and make one.  Naturally that meant nothing to us, so after some trial and error, machining / tooling modifications, and a lot of engineering work we finally found a way to modify our deep concave forgings in a way that gives us the material needed to create this epicness.

We now have an 18”-22” deep concave step lip application that is the hottest thing on the planet right now and we can’t make them fast enough.  We’ve got Track Spec order in production right now for some amazing exotics like a 599 GTO, yeah GTO!  LP’s, a couple 458’s, Bentley SS, GTR’s, Ptt’s and lots more.  It’s pretty incredible how something like that can make such a huge impact.

As always if you are looking for a set of very unique wheels, sure to make your car simply look outstanding… Make sure to give Jordan (The world’s best wheel designer) a call and tell him Secret sent you.

Make sure to checkout their very cool new site

See you next month as Jordan tells us all about his Secret Entourage and takes us into the world of wheel making.