Just Do It – The Business Mindset

business mindset

As much as choices are a part of what makes us who we are, acting on those choices does too!

Business Mindset

It’s actually interesting that I have spent the past few days coaching and mentoring a few young entrepreneurs who were looking to start new ventures, were quite confident that they were not afraid to fail, and seemed to have the business mindset, until they spoke with me and discovered that perhaps their greatest fear is to fail!

We’ve discussed choices and their impacts on your life; we’ve discussed risk and risk assessment but all of these things are simply in preparation for the greatest step you can possibly take.

Act upon your vision, belief and see it through to the end.

Saying you are not afraid of failing is great but if there are no actions showing an attempt, is it really true? Many claim to have the right business mindset, many seem to know the recipe for success, many claim to understand all about business, consider themselves experts in their field, or even seem like they have the answers to everything but then I ask you why haven’t they acted on their knowledge, expertise and delivered actions that mimic their words?

We blame it on fear, fear of losing, fear of failure and fear of challenges… These fears keep people from acting, these fears keep people from making money. These fears are nothing more than excuses for why one doesn’t act on their dreams or visions. One could relate this to lack of proper business mindset but more importantly, lack of self confidence.

Perhaps, it is lack of self confidence, and perhaps it has to do with lack of expertise but I believe it’s neither and rather what I call “lack of vision.”

An idea is great, and potentially worth pursuing but it does not hold the same weight as a vision. As an entrepreneur, you must understand that without vision there cannot be success, and that your success is dependent upon your drive, which is fueled primarily by vision prior to being fueled by money. In others words, if you don’t know what success looks like, you simply will never know if you are there or on your way. Once that vision exists the path will be much clearer going forward and your belief in yourself will grow looking less and less at failure as an option. Once your mindset decides failure is no longer an option, and time is the only thing you can lose… the big picture will start to complete itself and real growth will dominate potential failure.

The business mindset involves waking up today, creating an idea, envisioning it, delivering a plan and acting immediately without fear of losing. Remember that if you fear, you are accepting failure. Don’t fear, believe that no matter what you will make it and you will succeed as long you never give up and accept defeat.

Winning or losing is nothing more than state of mind… Which will you choose?