Top 5 Luxury Experiences You Must Try Before You Die!

You’ve always heard me say that life is more than just goals, it’s more than just victory, it’s about the experience of life…

The more money you make, the more freedom you earn, and the more time you earn. Time is much more important than money, as no matter what you do you can never make up lost time.  As you grow successful in your life, make sure to check out these 5 different experiences that will change your view of luxury living forever. These are not ranked by the amount of money it takes to experience them, but rather the feel of each experience and which gives you a better feel that you’ve made it.

#5 – Buying a Lamborghini in cash

Many people will never understand the satisfaction one gets from buying a car cash. It is simply a relief to know you can and hold the ability to own what you drive without making a payment. It is even more rewarding to know you buy the car you want rather than the one you need, but it is the ultimate pleasure to buy the car the world envies. What is it about a Lamborghini that draws so many smiles, stares, and jealousy? It is simply a bold statement of wealth. The experience of ownership is nothing less than amazing as clubs open their doors at no cost, everyone wants to give you a deal in exchange for your friendship, and lets just say that you won’t be alone any weekends regardless of what you look like… and think about it, there is a reason, Lamborghini doesn’t put a vanity mirror on the inside of the visor.

#4 – Owning and operating a high class restaurant/club

We‘ve all been known to go clubbing, while some of us have the advantage to go VIP style with no wait, no pay and personalized service throughout the night but what if the power was in your hands to give people what you would wish for yourself today. Owning a restaurant makes you the center of attention every night people want to go out. It also makes you a powerful connection for people and lets everyone know that you’ve done well for yourself.

#3 – Participating in the Gumball 3000

The Gumball Rally is notorious for amazing parties, million dollar cars and celebrities. It takes over $100,000 to participate and can get quite expensive if you add on all the police chases you might be involved in but the experience is well worth the money you will spend. Why is it so crazy if it only costs $100,000. Not everyone is willing to throw away $100,000 just to drive their own exotic car through several continents. That’s right, the rally starts in overseas and ends in another continent for some occasions… now that’s what I call baller, but more importantly a once in lifetime experience every car lover should get to feel.

#2 – Riding a G5

Flying can be a pain, especially when you fly more than once a week. The lines at the airport are terrible, the people are rude and security somehow seems to always look at you as a random person to search but that doesn’t matter at all when you have your own hangar with your very own G5 in it. Private security coupled with your own parking spot near your plane, and your own private access to the runway makes for enjoyable flights that don’t require you to wear a seatbelt.

#1- Spending a week in Monaco

Monaco, Monaco, Monaco… part of the French Riviera, Monaco is the ultimate gateway for the weekend or the perfect vacation but going will cost you significantly. Home of the Grand Prix, the cheapest hotel in Monaco is roughly about $850 a night, most meals cost you $200 and people play millions of dollars a hand at the world famous casinos. Expect a one week average stay to cost you $20,000.00 and if you really want to experience Monaco and the French Riviera, bring some major money as Monaco is the only place where a million dollars falls short.

Make sure to make these 5 luxury experiences a top priority on your “To Do” list  and make sure to let us know about your experience.