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First Time Home Buyers Guide

first time home buyer

Buying your first home can seem complicated and time consuming, but fortunately for you.  Secret Consulting brings you the quick easy guide to buying your first home. We will even go as far as to show you what benefits exist for those that have decided to take the plunge and purchase their first home.

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Best Exotic Sports Car Sedan

aston martin rapide

The word 4 door is usually not associated with the word sports car, and is usually not associated with the word exotic. Luxury is a more common theme in today’s 4 door car market but this is all about to change in 2010; Porsche, Aston and Lamborghini have decided to reinvent their image and introduce 3 superbly sexy 4 door sport cars that are bound to take the luxury car market to the exotic car level. Continue Reading

The Cost of Bad Habits

When we think about our path to success and the pursuit of perfection, we must realize that our bad habits can cost us dearly… Continue Reading

How to Build Credit for Your Business?

small business credit

Building credit for your business may seem confusing at first, and can seem to take a really long time. As complex as your personal credit might be, your business credit is just about twice as complex and can take time to understand. But fortunately for you, I will make it as simple as I can and make sure that by the time you are done reading this, you have a basic understanding of how to build your business credit and take your company to the next level.

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New Nokia Morph

nokia morph cell phone

In the ever growing arena of technology, cell phones are no stranger to evolution, and morphing from one shape to another is nothing new. Nokia, famous for delivering the latest technology just morphed the cell phone ten years ahead to give us a glimpse of their latest gadget. The new Nokia Morph is a a blend of nanotechnology, lifestyle and environment.

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Gallardo Project Underway – Phase 2


The Secret Entourage Lamborghini is well underway to getting finished, now moving from Stage 1 to Stage 2 which was focused on aesthetics and suspension. We set off the Lamborghini Gallardo with a unique set of 3 piece forged wheels from the Savini Diamond series collection, the SV2. We chose the gloss black center and chrome reverse lip with exposed rivets as we felt a good blend of luxury and sport…

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Money, Class, Action…

kanye west taylor swift

We recently witnessed Kanye West making an ass of himself at the recent VMA awards by being drunk in public and stealing Taylor Swift’s moment of fame. Reality is that unfortunately Kanye is not the only one of his kind and there are many individuals that simply have too much money for their own good and tend to forget that with money comes responsibility. It really is not rocket science to figure this out but yet it seems that more and more people become millionaires in the US each year and yet the level of social responsibility that comes with this type of money seems to be easily forgotten.

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