The Cost of Bad Habits

When we think about our path to success and the pursuit of perfection, we must realize that our bad habits can cost us dearly… In some cases these bad habits are the things keeping us from reaching the next step in our life.

Lets take the simplest example, lets talk about smoking. There is absolutely no point to smoking as it has no positive effect on your life. Aside from the health dangers that smoking brings, we at Secret Entourage think of the money aspects of bad habits, the health portion is simply a choice that we make as individuals.

Think about the simple math, $5 a day on cigarettes and $10 a day on Starbucks equals to $300 per month and $3600 for the year on something that kills you instead of helps you? Now lets assume $3600 invested in banking stocks that you bought at an all time low ($0.33), and then sold at an all time high ($ 4.65) would give you approximately $50,800! Let me ask you a simple question.


So now you ask yourself, well how could you know what happens to the stock market and where to invest? The answer is quite simple, you wouldn’t know what happens to the stock market, nor would you know what to buy but yet again do you have $3600 to invest? if you don’t have $3600 to invest, then you will never know what you should do or even what you could do?

The idea behind bad habits is that they are addictive and make it difficult to separate from them even when you decide to, the real decision lies within your own will power. You must find the power in you to find something better that you enjoy more than the actual habit. In this simple case, we are car based people and enjoy a nice exotic or GT car, $50,000 could buy you a very nice BMW M6 or a Porsche 911 S, and so I ask you a different question.

Would you prefer a BMW M6 or smoking for a year?

As much as your perception might be different as to what you want, the reality remains that the cost of smoking is simply more than $3600 a year for all individuals, the cost of one bad habit can buy you and M6, so what if you add all your bad habits together, it’s the missed opportunities and the simple weakness that you cannot separate yourself from bad habits that bring no value to your life or CAN YOU?