New Nokia Morph

nokia morph cell phone

In the ever growing arena of technology, cell phones are no stranger to evolution, and morphing from one shape to another is nothing new. Nokia, famous for delivering the latest technology just morphed the cell phone ten years ahead to give us a glimpse of their latest gadget. The new Nokia Morph is a a blend of nanotechnology, lifestyle and environment.

Morphing from one look to another while changing its functionality makes it the most advanced phone on the planet. The new Nokia features most of what all people enjoy on their phone today but take sit one step further with functional design. The phone itself is thin and highly portable but then can switch into various other designs (as seen in the pictures) that are functional, such as an iPod/iPhone wristband. The main element that makes the new Nokia Morph special is its simple connection with the world, the device features auxiliary gadgets that read various world conditions and how you feel through your pulse, the information is then sent to the phone who changes its shape and behavior/features to adjust to this. The Nokia Morph is truly ahead of its time and is now simply a concept but seeing how fast the cell phone industry has gone forward I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on the shelves by next Christmas. Make sure to check out more on the Nokia Morph.

nokia morph wrist mode