Gallardo Project Underway- Phase 2


The Secret Entourage Lamborghini is well underway to getting finished, now moving from Stage 1 to Stage 2 which was focused on aesthetics and suspension. We set off the Lamborghini Gallardo with a unique set of 3 piece forged wheels from the Savini Diamond series collection, the SV2. We chose the gloss black center and chrome reverse lip with exposed rivets as we felt a good blend of luxury and sport…

The wheels were sent to us courtesy of our friends at EVS Motors and have been a huge success earning us many thumbs up driving around town.


The wheel setup we run is 19 X 9 front wheels and 20 X 11 on the rears, fitted with Pirelli P Zero Nero 235 front and 305 rears, which we have found to be a very good looking tire. We have picked the Pirelli due to its looks, performance and Z rating, which we will need, cause we drive fast :)

On the suspension side, we wanted to get a much more aggressive look for our lambo gallardo project so we decided to lower the front by about .75 inch and the rear about 1 inch, we then focused on aligning the car and corner balancing it. Keep in mind that you need to purchase shims in order to align a Gallardo, its time consuming and costly, but again what isn’t when you own a Lamborghini. The cost of ownership and maintenance is simply absurd but worth every penny. Our next phase will include further aesthetics to the body and will involve Carbon Fiber but unfortunately will not take place till next spring. Check out our flickr for more pics!