Money, Class, Action…

kanye west taylor swift

We recently witnessed Kanye West making an ass of himself at the recent VMA awards by being drunk in public and stealing Taylor Swift’s moment of fame. Reality is that unfortunately Kanye is not the only one of his kind and there are many individuals that simply have too much money for their own good and tend to forget that with money comes responsibility. It really is not rocket science to figure this out but yet it seems that more and more people become millionaires in the US each year and yet the level of social responsibility that comes with this type of money seems to be easily forgotten.

I understand that with money comes ego but what happened to professionalism and exemplary behavior, what happened to the millionaire who was everyone’s role model in more ways than one and for more than just his wallet. It seems that they have become billionaires and are simply too busy for the rest of us and so we are exposed to the stupidity of uneducated and rude entertainers?

Lets talk about what I perceive as the necessity that comes with money:

Clothing: You must always look the part, the clothing that you used to wear back when you had no money should no longer be worn even if some designer makes identical looking clothing but simply puts a label on it. I am by no means suggesting you put a suit on everyday, I am simply suggesting that clean, appropriate and elegant clothing on a daily basis that matches the public perception that someone with money should wear should be within your wardrobe and should be used often.

Attitude and Professionalism: As a millionaire, take some time and reflect about what others might say, especially if you are young and will be the center of envy. Remember that as much as most people believe the rest of the world’s opinion is irrelevant, it is not, people’s perception can make you or break you if you are not careful. That perception needs to believe that you are successful at all times and that you understand the territory that comes with success, its as simple as understanding that a celebrity will get followed by paparazzi everywhere.

Following and Role Modeling: With money comes the territory of the fame and being in the spotlight, that it comes from all the people wanting to be your friends or that your actual friends look up to you, there is a certain sense of responsibility in doing the right thing and being extremely cautious of your actions. Most people want to know what you do and watch your every move and follow what you do as a way of life.

With that I come to conclusion that either Kanye West is simply an idiot or this was all a publicity stunt for Jay Leno and that his appearance on his show the next day which made it very successful was no coincidence. Here is the video of what Obama thinks of Kanye West, which I am sure many people will agree with and therefore make my point.

So, if you are rich, wealthy and famous and enjoy your lifestyle then simply remind yourself that people are watching and judging your every moves and so you need to start carefully planning your next step.