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Secret to Success – IMA Motorsports

Ima motorsport

Ima Motorsport is simply beautiful, the minute you walk in you are embraced by the most visually appealing car customization shop ever seen. The floor is epoxied and flawlessly clean, the walls all painted and color matched along with the equipment while the offices are well decorated and clutter free. IMA simply delivers great service with each customer every time creating an experience worthy of the types of cars and clientele they attract.

So who is behind IMA and what makes them successful?

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Rolex Submariner Black Series

black rolex sub

Rolex is no stranger to the world of high dollar watches, known by just any individual in the world, Rolex watches have been around for a long time and are often identified as some of the most expensive watches in the world by the average person. The concept of Rolex has changed quite a bit through the years and has now become a streamlined watch available to just about anyone. You don’t have to be a king or a millionaire to own one, you simply have to know where to look.

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Gallardo Project Underway – Phase 1

Gallardo with models

As you all know the Secret Entourage crew recently acquired a Gallardo and as we mentioned in our introductory article, we are modding it and keeping you up to date on our progress. Here is phase 1.

We have already upgraded the performance of our car with some goodies including Fabspeed Cat Bypass, Quicksilver SS F1 Exhaust, BMC F1 Intakes and Heffner ECU. That should should add up to about 100 additional horsepower, and best of all the sound which is absolutely to die for. Let us break down the process and our thoughts on each product.

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Are ARM Mortgages Safe?

arm home loan

The recession is coming to an end and many blame it on the ARM loans that were issued to those poor victims that simply didn’t read the terms on their loan documents, we have discussed over and over who is to blame for this recession and the fact that ARM loans are simply not at fault. It seems that the general public however is starting to agree with me as ARM loan sales are up and the rates are better than ever.

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The Girls of EVS Motors

LP640 with asian model

Blue diablo and asian model

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The Truth About Importance of Education

school books

From the very beginning, we are all brainwashed into the idea of education and college and are told that college is the only gateway to success. We are also brought up with the idea that going to college and having a degree is an essential necessity in life. Lets take a moment and discuss the truth about importance of education.

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Can The Ferrari F458 “Italia” Save Ferrari?

Ferrari F458 Italia side view

It is no news that Ferrari has had some bad times these past few years, with most dealerships showing losses, as high as 30% in some cases. Te Ferrari brand needed some help especially considering the profits that Audi has been posting with the R8 and the Gallardo. Ferrari answers the call with this latest promising masterpiece named after the country “Italia.”

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