Gallardo Project Underway – Phase 1

Gallardo with models

As you all know the Secret Entourage crew recently acquired a Gallardo and as we mentioned in our introductory article, we are modding it and keeping you up to date on our progress. Here is phase 1.

We have already upgraded the performance of our car with some goodies including Fabspeed Cat Bypass, Quicksilver SS F1 Exhaust, BMC F1 Intakes and Heffner ECU. That should should add up to about 100 additional horsepower, and best of all the sound which is absolutely to die for. Let us break down the process and our thoughts on each product.

Quicksilver SS F1 Exhaust: We had been debating between the Kriessegg or the Quicksilver exhaust and ended up going for the Quicksilver SS due to the cost and the availability. We are very satisfied with both the performance gains and the sound of this amazing exhaust. The tone is deep and yet retains the high pitch F1 sound we ve come to love from exotic cars. This exhaust coupled with the Fab Speed cat bypass is a heavenly sound at all RPMs that have earned us many thumbs up (the total cost of the system can be had for less than $5000). Here is video of a friend with the same exhaust setup. Click the link below to hear the monster roar.

QuickSilver SS gallardo

BMC F1 Intakes are very similar to the infamous K&N air filters but are made only for exotics such as Ferrari, Aston and Lamborghini. These intakes are about $300 from our friend Dan at Vivid Racing and are good for about 12-20HP depending on supporting mods.

Heffner ECU: Custom tuned by the same folks that tune Twin Turbo Gallardos and have been made famous for it, the ECU we picked up is solid for close to 50 HP and has helped make the car much more responsive. The power comes to life faster than before and it is clearly a smoother powerband all the way to 8ooo RPMs and the cost per horsepower is reasonable as the ECU is $5000 directly from Heffner.

So whats next, the car sounds and drives very well and we will not be altering the actual performance much more at this point, but instead will be looking at many different set of wheels, suspension and aesthetics. We already have plans to lower the car 1 inch and add our first set of wheels next week, many more sets to follow. I change wheels like I change shoes.

Here is a preview of whats on its way from Savini Wheels

Savini SV2 wheels for Gallardo

We will follow through with pics of our updated project very soon…