Can The Ferrari F458 “Italia” Save Ferrari?

Ferrari F458 Italia side view

It is no news that Ferrari has had some bad times these past few years, with most dealerships showing losses, as high as 30% in some cases. Te Ferrari brand needed some help especially considering the profits that Audi has been posting with the R8 and the Gallardo. Ferrari answers the call with this latest promising masterpiece named after the country “Italia.”

Introducing the Ferrari F458 “Italia”, the answer to Ferrari’s problems is going to be here before years’ end. Scheduled to debut at the LA Auto Show in December 2009, this new Ferrari is highly anticipated and has been spied for over a year now. Known formerly as the possible F450 or F500 this new beast has now been officially named and is ready to break necks.

Scheduled to have the 4.5L V8 (F458) with 200cc more than before producing an amazing 570HP with a 9000 RPM red line, maximum torque at 398 at 6000RPM and featuring a dual manual clutch similar to the Ferrari California which means that at 3200 RPM 80% of the car’s power is ready.

Ferrari F458 3/4 rear view

The F458 looks like an Enzo and creates impressive down force all the way up to 139mph without the use of any spoilers, which was Ferrari’s intention from the beginning. There are many hidden ducts around the car that happen to elevate and open up as the car’s need for cooling increases with high speeds.

The body work and chassis is made from aluminum with magnesium parts, other manufacturing aspects from the aerospace industry are also present in the cars frame and chassis. Designed by Pininfarina and the interior by Ferrari chief of design Donato Coco.

Ferrari f458 Italia

So how will this 2010 Ferrari F458 Italia put a dent in Audi’s road to victory? It is as simple as the price it will be selling for $175,000 which puts it $25,000 ahead of the V10 R8 and $50,000 ahead of the new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560. This alone could be a huge factor as Ferrari’s price tag is the main reason it has not be selling nearly as fast as its counterparts from Audi and Lamborghini.

Could this be the revival of the most famous exotic car maker in the world?

We will simply have to wait to see what it really does when it its stores in 2010, but expect them to be unavailable as many have waited for this affordable Ferrari.