Rolex Submariner Black Series

black rolex sub

Rolex is no stranger to the world of high dollar watches, known by just any individual in the world, Rolex watches have been around for a long time and are often identified as some of the most expensive watches in the world by the average person. The concept of Rolex has changed quite a bit through the years and has now become a streamlined watch available to just about anyone. You don’t have to be a king or a millionaire to own one, you simply have to know where to look.

There are many reasons that Rolex was popular back in the 90’s and continues to remain a high end watch these days, the main components that make up the brand are simple but elegant. The watches are all automatic and for the most part are made from the finest metals, most models have alternate dial and bezel options that creep up the cost tremendously, Rolex is also famous for have in most of its models a perpetual calendar, meaning the watch actually knows that a month has 30 or 31 days and even recognizes February for its shorter days. The watches are usually synchronized to work accurately to the date for about 20 years. Rolex is also well know for being a resistant watch built with quality parts and not require huge amounts of service. Until recently, Rolex was a brand that we would often see on older folks, accomplished sales managers and just about anyone we could picture holding a cigar.

Presidential gold bezel rolex chrono

Times have changed and so has the brand, they now make watches for young successful professionals who want to get in the watch game without having to take out a second mortgage. Introducing the Rolex Submariner, a blend of traditional Rolex heritage with a hip but elegant new look. The submariner series is extremely reliable, very simple but classy in design and available in multiple bezel and dial colors. In most cases, it can be found for less than $7,000 new and less than $4,000 on the used market. The most famous colors are the black on black and the 50th anniversary green bezel versions (pictured below).

black rolex submariner


These models can both be had at very reasonable prices but cannot be included on our list of best watches to buy under $3000 as we have not seen many go for under $3,500. Here is my only argument against Rolex watches, they are simply the most common watches on the market and just about anyone will know what it is which makes it absolutely un-original and boring to the watch collector. I think they make great work watches but they are simply not creative enough in design to earn my top watch ranking.