Secret Academy Episode – Jordan Belfort

Secret Academy Episode - Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort is the subject of a movie that captivated a nation. While some of what happened in his past is shrouded in controversy, one can’t deny this one mans ability to sell. In business there is one thing that sets the sheep apart from the wolves and it is one’s ability to sell. It is no wonder why Belfort earned his title “The Wolf of Wall Street”. No longer trading penny stocks, Belfort has now made it his mission to help other entrepreneurs become better sales people by learning from his own mistakes and capitalizing on his successes. So in this episode we are going to talk to Jordan about his past, his present, and his future in terms of business, entrepreneurship, and life in general.

Secret Academy Episode – Sam Bakhtiar

Secret Academy Episode - Sam Bakhtiar

Sam Bakhtiar isn’t happy if he isn’t hustling, and while many entrepreneurs say that now a day, this man means it! Sam is the founder of one of the most successful fitness institutions in an ever changing industry, he is an author, host of the podcast series: the One Percenters, and a doctor to top it all off. Yet no matter how busy Bakhtiar gets in one of his near dozen business ventures he always remembers the little details. He still takes time to ensure his home is neat, his schedule is set, and doesn’t let anything, no matter how small, fall through the cracks. “I don’t believe you can make it anywhere by winging it in life” says Bakhtiar. So in this episode I was able to sit down and talk to Sam one on one about his journey, his incredible work ethic, and the skill set that he has that has enabled him to become one of the most incredible serial entrepreneurs of our time.

Secret Academy Episode – Chris Cavallini

Secret Academy Episode - Chris Cavallini

We live in a world where it seems there are two types of people: those who love working out and going to the gym, and those who totally despise it. Regardless if you enjoy hitting the gym or not, we can’t deny that health and fitness is an industry on the rise here in 2019. Companies in the industry seem to be popping up everywhere selling everything from apparel to supplements, to equipment to meals on the go. Though many companies are on the come up, there are some that stand above the rest, Nutrition Solutions is one of them. The company is a meal preparation service, but their CEO and Founder Chris Cavallini says they are more than just that, “we are more of a lifestyle and results based company, we don’t just provide meals to our clients based on their desired fitness goals, we provide ongoing support in the form of coaching, training, education, motivation, and so on to really help them reach their goals.” Which in this climate, one can appreciate. Customer expierence is one of the most important things to Chris and his team. So I wanted to take some time and sit down with Chris to learn more about himself, Nutrition Solutions, and the Health/Fitness Industry as a whole.

Secret Academy Episode – Ashley Newman

Secret Academy Episode - Ashley Newman

Though it is an industry many want to know about, it is one that is rarely talked about. Cannabis. With the issue of weed legalization itself still being very prevalent in politics, businesses have erupted through the red tape and seem to be flourishing where it can. Ashley Newman is one of the few woman in the business world who has gotten involved in the Cannabis industry. But not only has she participated in the industry, she has thrived in it. Taking cannabis and it’s stigma to new levels, she is making it so that “weed can be glamorous”. Being a long time medical marijuana card holder, Ashley saw a huge gap in the market for a high end weed distributor, as well as one that focused on lifestyle and women empowerment. Being a serial entrepreneur she wasted no time by building up her own cannabis empire in Calgary, Canada and becoming Calgary’s very own: Queen of Bud.

Secret Academy Episode – Ryford Estores

Secret Academy Episode - Ryford Estores

Ryford Estores first signed up for Secret Entourage after seeing one of our promo lifestyle videos. Realizing that the Academy was truly a place to pick and choose the entrepreneurs you’d like to learn from/follow, he made his choices wisely and set out to learn all he could from them. Through his search with our 200+ teachers, Ryford happened to find Stephen Key, another successful consumer goods/ licensing entrepreneur. He reached out to Stephen, telling him he saw his interview with the Academy. Fast forward two years later, now Stephen is Ryford’s mentor and Ryford’s business has now crossed the $3Million mark and growing faster than ever thanks to features on TV Shows such as QVC. Ryford was able to succeed because he was constantly hungry for knowledge, he used a combination of crucial skills such as resilience, tenacity, dedication, and determination to get his dream to turn into a reality. Now Self-Cut Systems is nearly a household name thanks to the constant work that Ryford puts into his brand each and everyday. If you want to see proof that the Academy really does work and can change everyone’s life who takes advantage of it, then look no further than Ryford Estores.

Secret Academy Episode – Dan Henry

Secret Academy Episode - Dan Henry

Dan Henry started out his entrepreneurial journey by deciding that delivering pizzas for $8/hour for a jerk boss wasn’t what he wanted to do. He knew working for someone else wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life, so he quit and decided to become his own boss in his early twenties. After some trial and error with a few ventures like an online blog, then even nightclub ownership, Dan realized what all his endeavors had in common that he was good at: advertising. He understood that no matter what business he had tried his hand at, even if they failed, the digital advertisement and marketing element was always strong under his management. He had cracked the code for a newly valuable skill that many others would pay through the nose to understand. So Dan decided to create an advertisement agency development coaching program, which combined his two loves: advertisement and helping teach others. Now a boy from Chicago who was delivering pizza’s for minimum wage is running a $5 million dollar online business.

Secret Academy Episode – Mark Ferguson

Secret Academy Episode - Mark Ferguson

He’s so nice we had to feature him twice, Mr. Mark Ferguson is back for his second Secret Entourage Academy interview to talk more real estate and his blog Invest Four More. In his first episode Mark shared a lot with us about how he got his start in the real estate business. But now a few years later we are back to talk about the current state of the real estate market as it pertains to investment opportunities both big and small. Also since his last interview with us Mark has taken on a teaching role in the real estate world, keeping up with his successful blog: Invest Four More as well as starting a podcast, Youtube Channel, and writing 6 books! So we wanted to ensure that we have a follow up discussion to talk about the ever changing world of real estate.and of course all of Marks success in that realm.