Project 911 “Pegasus” – ADV1 vs. Forgestar

Let the showdown begin! Our Project 911 C4S “Pegasus” is in need of a matte white wrap job for next month, but as of now we are undecided as to which wheels to wear when it gets out of the garage.  We will let you decide which it should wear once its matte! Continue Reading


Project 911 “Pegasus” – Gold Shoes

Last month we introduced you to one of the sexiest sets of 3 piece concave wheels by ADV1 to ever grace any of our vehicles. This month we switch it up for a different type of look. We had decided a while back that if Secret purchased a white Project car, we would put gold wheels on it. It only made sense to stay true to our word and actually get gold wheels. So we reached out to Forgestar Wheels for a set of gold monoblock wheels for Stage 2 of our project.

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Project 911 “Pegasus” – ADV1 Wheels

The first version of our project is finally done for project 911 “Pegasus”. This is the first phase where you get to leave us comments and feedback as to your thoughts so that we may alter it and continue to take our project 997.2 C4s to a whole new level. For phase 1, we decided to stay very clean and classy and go for a cruiser style look. Let us know what you think… Continue Reading

Project 911 “Pegasus” – The Beginning…

We finally finished our Project M6 “Silver Bullet” and the car found a new home meaning the time has come to introduce our latest project. The 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet is our latest acquisition and the car that we will be taking to that next level. We found that based on our first project ever, which was a Gemballa GT650 Bi turbo 911, that Porsches simply can be customized inside and out, in just about a thousand ways meaning creativity will be the essential factor here. So starts Project “Pegasus”…

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