Project 911 “Pegasus” – Gold Shoes

Last month we introduced you to one of the sexiest sets of 3 piece concave wheels by ADV1 to ever grace any of our vehicles. This month we switch it up for a different type of look. We had decided a while back that if Secret purchased a white Project car, we would put gold wheels on it. It only made sense to stay true to our word and actually get gold wheels. So we reached out to Forgestar Wheels for a set of gold monoblock wheels for Stage 2 of our project.

When looking for gold wheels, we were looking for a lightweight monoblock wheel rather than a 3 piece design to create a very different look from our current setup. We wanted to take the look of the car away from the aggressive luxury look to a playful track look. Forgestar Wheels offers a very good looking wheel called the Forgestar F14 which is almost a perfect fit on every car they go on. A very affordable, and very light alternative to a typical monoblock.

We knew we had found the right wheel and were even happier to know they offered it in almost every color including race gold. We called Vincent Wong and asked for a very aggressive 20″ setup with a 12″ rear. It took Forgestar about 4 weeks but the results were striking and the look exactly what we were looking for in terms of playfulness and functionality.

The exact specs on the our wheels are as follow:

  • 20X8.5 with Continental 245/30/20
  • 20X12 with Continental 325/25/20

Special thanks to Vincent and the Forgestar/iForged Team for sending us these Forgestar F14 wheels. Keep a close eye on this project as we will soon be asking you to vote for the various wheel setups on our project car. In the meantime, check out all the great wheels Forgestar offers and “like” them on Facebook.

Forgestar Wheels USA

1161 N. Knollwood Cir.

Anaheim, CA 92801

(714) 826-8249