Project 911 “Pegasus” – ADV1 Wheels

The first version of our project is finally done for project 911 “Pegasus”. This is the first phase where you get to leave us comments and feedback as to your thoughts so that we may alter it and continue to take our project 997.2 C4s to a whole new level. For phase 1, we decided to stay very clean and classy and go for a cruiser style look. Let us know what you think…

We started with the most important basics which were in the details…

Wheels and Tires:

– ADV7 max concave in 20X9 and 20X12. Polished lips and windows, brushed silver face.

– Continental 235 and 325 tires.

Body Modifications:

– Painted Rocker panels, front, sides and rear paint to match in Carrera white.

– Clear corners from Suncoast Porsche.

Suspension Modifications:

– Eibach Springs

Engine Modification:

– Fabspeed Dual Carbon Fiber Intake

The first phase was about creating a 911 that simply was still a daily driver but attracted attention like a true exotic car. The wheels truly made the car in this particular phase and came out exceeding even our greatest expectations. A big thank you to ADV1 Wheels, Wheels Boutique in Miami, and Suncoast Porsche for helping make phase 1 a huge success.

Next month we will transform our car once more and gold might be in the mix somewhere… Make sure to leave us your comments and reactions each month as we unveil a new phase.