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PUR Wheels – Breaking Boundaries

When PUR Wheels decided they wanted to launch their 2012 collection, they aimed to reinvent the wheel – both literally and figuratively. The minds at PUR aren’t afraid to push boundaries when they approach their designs. You may have remember their teasers of rose gold wheels, the inspiration for which came from a high-end watch.

The official launch of the line required something special. The team at PUR decided to combine two critical elements in their design process – music and fashion – to fully represent their message in this launch.

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Sponsor Intro – Wheels Boutique

When it comes to vehicle aesthetics, a set of wheels can make or break a car’s entire design. Many people will throw on a set of wheels with no regard for functionality or even correct sizing. Fortunately, we have wheel experts like Wheels Boutique who have a proven experience of fitting some of the cleanest and wildest custom wheels to luxury and exotic cars alike. As a new partnership with Secret and much more collaboration in the near future, we thought it’s best to introduce our latest sponsor to Wheels Boutique.

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The Value of YOU

Someone once asked me “What makes one person better than an other? Is it money? Power? Education or perhaps intelligence?”  At first, it was quite difficult to put a measure of how one person can be considered better than another, and partly because it wasn’t clear as to who had the right to actually be the one measuring. However, the more I thought about it, the more I started breaking it down into different scenarios and got a better idea on why that was actually a very valid question and how I determined my own value.

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Secret Model – Jenna Part 3

Every Secret Entourage reader has seen the amazing Jenna grace our model section twice, one time with the almighty F430 and the second time with a stable of F40, LP640 and 599GTO.  This third time we are bringing you Jenna with an older Lamborghini Diablo.  What can we say, perfect combo, no?  This will be her last shoot here on Secret.  However for all you Jenna fans, don’t get discouraged, you can continue checking her out through her Facebook page.  Wishing her much success through her wonderful and beautiful career.  We will miss you Jenna!

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SR Auto Group – Ferrari Scud 16M “Silver Sage”

While I was out having drinks with a friend on a Friday night, we were sitting on the second floor balcony of the bar looking down on a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, which is my favorite F-car in recent years. We got to talking if there was an all-around Ferrari that we’d rather have…

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There is No Substitute for Time

If you ask many of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, they will tell you that the first few years of any new project is always the hardest. As much as proper marketing is the core focus of the problem, public acceptance is the true root of the issue.  Almost every new business originated by a new entrepreneur is viewed upon a negative cloud with lots of cynicism.  While most look at their marketing efforts as flawed and all their efforts feel like they are going to waste, others just carry on knowing that there is no substitute for time.

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Modulare Wheels – The Viper Lives On

Here at Secret Entourage, we have always appreciated the Viper for the true animal it was: uncontrollable, powerful, and just raw.  It certainly wasn’t a car for everyone to drive but certainly for everyone to enjoy.  As we approach the launch of the latest Viper, we figured we would still revisit one of the greatest automotive icon of the 90’s, the original Viper GTS.

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