SR Auto Group – Ferrari Scud 16M “Silver Sage”

While I was out having drinks with a friend on a Friday night, we were sitting on the second floor balcony of the bar looking down on a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, which is my favorite F-car in recent years. We got to talking if there was an all-around Ferrari that we’d rather have…

The Scuderia, albeit cool and lightning-fast, didn’t make either of us go crazy.  The 458 was a serious contender, but a decidedly difficult car to drive on some of the streets here in the North East.

After some scotch-induced deliberation, we agreed that a 16M was the ultimate solution. Combining the raw performance and killer looks of the Scuderia with the fun of a convertible, the 16M is the car you can take your girl to dinner in Saturday night and then right to the track on Sunday.

Not long after having this conversation, I stumbled upon this stunning project from SR Auto Group that proves my point.  The set of 20” PUR 2WO forged monoblocks match the stripe perfectly, but with the 500HP sitting in the back of the car I doubt you’ll get a good look for yourself unless the car is parked out front of your local 5-star restaurant.

The carbon fiber side skirts are a nice touch as well.

The namesake for the 16M comes from the 16 Formula 1 constructor’s championships under their belt. Celebrated on the rear badge of the car, it’s a nice touch and a subtle reminder of how truly legendary the marquee is.

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