Sponsor Intro – Wheels Boutique

When it comes to vehicle aesthetics, a set of wheels can make or break a car’s entire design. Many people will throw on a set of wheels with no regard for functionality or even correct sizing. Fortunately, we have wheel experts like Wheels Boutique who have a proven experience of fitting some of the cleanest and wildest custom wheels to luxury and exotic cars alike. As a new partnership with Secret and much more collaboration in the near future, we thought it’s best to introduce our latest sponsor to Wheels Boutique.

Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to learn more about Wheels Boutique and the man behind it all, Ben Bermudez, as his success story was featured a few months back. With nearly 15 years of wheel experience, hundreds of fitted cars roaming the streets, and countless blood, sweat, and tears just to satisfy his clients, we have never felt more comfortable selecting a set of wheels for our cars from Wheels Boutique. Afterall, Ben and his crew are the nations largest HRE Wheels and ADV1 Wheels dealer and were the first to fit 375 wide tires on a Nissan GTR. This kind of innovation and risk taking is what we appreciate about Wheels Boutique. While some wheel dealers are conservative, Wheels Boutique, on the other hand, like to push the envelope in wheel fitment without sacrificing comfort or quality.

Based out of Miami, FL, Wheels Boutique is a wheel dealer powerhouse. As mentioned they are HRE Wheels largest dealer but also deal brands such as BBS, Enkei, DPE Wheels, Volk Racing, and even our good friends ADV1 Wheels and D2Forged Wheels. Of course, a set of wheels is useless without rubber so Wheels Boutique also carries tire brands such as Pirelli, Nitto, Michelin, and more. Keep in mind that if they don’t list a brand it doesn’t mean they don’t carry it. Give them a ring to find out.

Placing a wheel order isn’t as easy at adding a set of wheels to an online shopping cart. Give Wheels Boutique a call and they will listen to your goals and determine the best wheel for your needs. There are many variables associated with wheels such as size, offset, material, finish, color, weight, design, etc. Choosing a set of wheels ultimately depends on your budget, tastes, and preferences but with Wheels Boutique long history of custom wheels, they’ll have no problem recommending the right setup for you.

Give Wheels Boutique a shout and let them know Secret sent you. They’ll take care of you. :) Until then, we’ll let their cars do the talking.

Wheels Boutique