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How to Tell if You Have a Great Idea

In the Secret Entourage community, a day doesn’t go by without us seeing new entrepreneurs speak of new ideas and new businesses they want to start.  After reading all of them, we decided to bring you a few ways to gauge if you are on the right path with your business idea.

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Secret Model – Anais

secret model anais

We aren’t huge bike guys here at Secret Entourage but we can appreciate anything made in Italy, such as the $30k Ducati 1199 Panigale S. Rather than bore you the specs of this stunning bike, meet the bikes companion, July’s Secret Model Anais. Shot by our good friend and professional photographer Ronnie Renaldi. Wallpaper sizes anyone?

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How to Differentiate Being Rich vs. Wealthy

rich vs wealthy difference

What is wealth and how does it differ from being rich?  Many want to be called wealthy but are nothing more than just rich and usually struggle finding the balance between having money and being wealthy.  We’ve decided to truly break down for you the attributes to each that differentiate what constitutes rich and what is considered wealthy. Continue Reading

ADV1 Wheels – Golden Child

When you think of blue on gold, Subaru’s trademark color scheme probably comes to mind as that is available straight from the factory.  Not many other cars can pull it off and even fewer people dare to even attempt that. Leave it to the crazy folks at ADV1 Wheels to once again do the unthinkable and on a Lamborghini Gallardo, no less.  Needless to say, this collaboration with Velos Designwerks and ADV1 Wheels came out stunning.

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Harsh Reality of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can look very glamorous from the outside in. Looking at people doing what they love and the media showcasing the fortunes made by mergers and acquisitions in the 8-9 figures can be very tempting but is that the reality of entrepreneurship? Is entrepreneurship truly working a few years of your life so you can enjoy the rest in a way others envy?

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Empyr Living – An SR Auto Group Brand

SR Auto Group, a company famous for luxury living, has introduced one more element of Luxury Lifestyle to their brand.  Introducing Empyr Living, a brand about the finest luxury real estate available in Canada. It’s common that successful luxury lifestyle brands take over entire markets in their respective towns and SR is no exception. With brands like Prestige Rentals and Fazioli Pianos as partners, it only made sense for SR Auto Group to get into the Luxury Real Estate market and expand the luxury brand even further. We had the chance to talk to Tony Yuen, Director of Marketing for SR Auto Group and Empyr Living about how this new venture will help SR Auto Group identify itself as a luxury lifestyle brand.

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The Hardest Decision in Entrepreneurship

How can you get past the idea that failure might be around the corner with each decision you make?

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