Empyr Living – An SR Auto Group Brand

SR Auto Group, a company famous for luxury living, has introduced one more element of Luxury Lifestyle to their brand.  Introducing Empyr Living, a brand about the finest luxury real estate available in Canada. It’s common that successful luxury lifestyle brands take over entire markets in their respective towns and SR is no exception. With brands like Prestige Rentals and Fazioli Pianos as partners, it only made sense for SR Auto Group to get into the Luxury Real Estate market and expand the luxury brand even further. We had the chance to talk to Tony Yuen, Director of Marketing for SR Auto Group and Empyr Living about how this new venture will help SR Auto Group identify itself as a luxury lifestyle brand.

Why did SR get into the real estate business?

The vision of SR has gradually evolved from a tuning company to a lifestyle boutique, and like automotive – real estate is an essential part of life.  In the last three years, we have been very successful in crossing over to different industries. We saw an opportunity to bridge our extensive network, bring our executive level of service, and marketing expertise to a new level through real estate.

What is Empyr Living hoping to accomplish?

Our top priority is delivering a first-class experience.  Every transaction is a personal relationship, and we understand that the breaking point is our client list.  This is why we chose to dedicate our full attention to a select number of clients, ensuring that we are exceeding the expectations we have set for Empyr Living.

Tell us a little about which properties you chose to feature and what the criteria is?

Keeping with the SR mentality, we are looking for feature properties that are extraordinary, each in their own unique way.  The beauty of real estate is that there is no compromise.  It has to be perfect for you to love it, and it only takes one imperfection for you to walk away.  To date, we have featured modern luxury condominiums, waterfront estates, to a regal castle-like mansion.  Our latest upcoming feature is an exquisite lane-way property that should be on top of every investor’s list.

How does this new division play in the grand scheme of SR as a brand?

This new division is a bold statement as a company and brand.  It shows our depth, versatility and how SR has infinite potential in more than one industry.  It will open up boundless new opportunities, allowing us to bring exciting collaborations in the near future.

Who heads that division of the business? A bit of background?

From concept to reality, Empyr Living was brought to life by our Director of Marketing & General Manager, Tony Yuen. Since going through the process of acquiring his own properties, real estate has been a personal interest and a path he has wanted to pursue at many points of his career.  With the strong establishment and success of SR, he saw the opportunity to transcend his visionary marketing expertise to Empyr Living.

What can we expect to see from Empyr in the coming months?

In the coming months, you can expect many collaborative features between Empyr Living, SR Auto Group, and some of the top real estate agents in our city.  We will be featuring beautiful properties, alongside the world’s finest automobiles, and attending many exclusive events.

We are very happy to see SR Auto Group grow into the real estate market and look forward to bringing you more of their amazing properties in the months to come.  They have outdone themselves once more and their continued focus on quality is only one more indication that they are staying true to their core and their mission.
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