ADV1 Wheels – Golden Child

When you think of blue on gold, Subaru’s trademark color scheme probably comes to mind as that is available straight from the factory.  Not many other cars can pull it off and even fewer people dare to even attempt that. Leave it to the crazy folks at ADV1 Wheels to once again do the unthinkable and on a Lamborghini Gallardo, no less.  Needless to say, this collaboration with Velos Designwerks and ADV1 Wheels came out stunning.

With only a few slight visible modifications that include a LP560 front bumper, Superleggera wing, ADV10.0 TS SL wheels, and much needed lowering, this Gallardo has a perfect stance.  If it were us, painted calipers to stand out when rolling would be the final touch.  Check back for more exciting stuff from the folks of Velos Designwerks too.