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The Best of Secret 2011

2011 has finally come to an end and it has been by far the best year for Secret Entourage yet. Just like a year ago, we have a tradition of recapping our most influential and important articles for the year 2011 but more importantly getting a glimpse of things to come for 2012.

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Luxury Watches – Parmigiani Bugatti Masterpiece Part 2

Since 2001 Bugatti has been partnered with Parmigiani to create some amazing time pieces. In fact there are more Bugatti watches then models in the automakers entire lineup throughout history.

The last Bugatti and Parmigiani piece we will cover for a little while, the Atalante fly-back chronograph, is yet one more watch that takes its inspiration from the famous Bugatti Atlante 57S Sport. It would be a mistake though to think that it is anything like other pieces that come from the same origin. It has an entirely original aesthetic that is a first for Parmigiani. The 43mm rounded case is the only concession to tradition.

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Day Trading – Do You Have What it Takes?

People around the globe attempt to make a living, whether it is part-time or full-time, through trading in some fashion. Many of these individuals are referred to as day traders. The definition of a day trading refers to “the practice of buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day such that all positions are usually closed before the market close for the trading day. Traders that participate in day trading are called active traders or day traders.”

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ADV1 Wheels EPICNESS – 2011 Replay

2011 is almost over but the guys at ADV1 are not immune to the new year. 2011 was by far the best year ever for ADV1 with some of the most timeless designs and projects to come to life. We take a look back into these epic projects including a Ferrari Enzo, numerous Lambo’s, and other various luxury cars that have changed the wheel game forever.

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Pick Your Entourage Carefully


I wanted to take a couple of moments to talk about our social surroundings and the influence they have on us. Our social surroundings influence us more then we are aware of. Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s all about who you know”? I can vouch on that and say that it is true.

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The Best BMW M5 Ever?

bmw m5

The BMW M5, praised by enthusiasts as the ultimate high-performance 4-door executive sedan, loathed by the competition for setting the benchmark in speed, style, and functionality. In previous forms, the M5 has sported naturally aspirated straight sixes, a V8, and even a high-strung V10. In fact, many forms of the M5 have been the fastest sedans in the world at the time of production.

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Protected: Secret to Success – Brett David

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