The Best BMW M5 Ever?

bmw m5

The BMW M5, praised by enthusiasts as the ultimate high-performance 4-door executive sedan, loathed by the competition for setting the benchmark in speed, style, and functionality. In previous forms, the M5 has sported naturally aspirated straight sixes, a V8, and even a high-strung V10. In fact, many forms of the M5 have been the fastest sedans in the world at the time of production.

2012 bmw f10 m5

Based on BMW’s F10 platform, the 2012 M5 is the newest in the bloodline. Of course the car has four doors, stunning looks, is on the cusp of technological advancement, and moves like a bat out of hell. But there is one major difference in this car that separates it from its predecessors – the engine. Twin turbos force-feed air into a menacing 4.4l V8 that packs 560bhp and 502 lb-ft of torque.

f10 m5

Even more impressive, perhaps, is that max torque comes on at just 1,500 rpm, with virtually no lag from the twin scroll twin turbos which will scream with the engine all the way to a 7,200 rpm redline and a top speed of 190 mph. Power delivery will be controlled by a double clutch transmission and two “M” buttons to sharpen up power and handling.

But don’t write this car off as purely a power animal, as improvements have been made to the rest of the car as well. The brakes have been upgraded to six piston calipers and the suspension will include a dynamic damper control that can go between comfort and sport in the blink of an eye. Standard wheels will be staggered 19 inches with an option for M light 20 inch wheels from the factory.

2012 bmw m5

All of those improvements means a lot more speed on the track. Unofficial reports from the Nurburgring state the F10 M5 has gone around in 7:55. If this number is correct, that makes it 18 seconds faster than its E60 predecessor, and the fastest vehicle in its class.

So, which is the best M5 ever? That’s up for debate, but the F10 gets my vote.

– The Ace