Pick Your Entourage Carefully


I wanted to take a couple of moments to talk about our social surroundings and the influence they have on us. Our social surroundings influence us more then we are aware of. Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s all about who you know”? I can vouch on that and say that it is true.

The surrounding people in which you spend the most time with, are those that are pushing you or neglecting you away from your true success! I call this the “fist factor”, because the fist makes an impact just as surroundings would. Think of five surroundings or items you devote the greatest amount of time with. These surroundings can include people (i.e: friends, family, acquaintances, work associates, etc.), TV media, or even the music you listen to. It is all about what/who you surround yourself with.

Are your surroundings helping you shift closer to your goals / dreams or are they persuading you away? DO NOT ESCAPE by trying to convince yourself that these surroundings are not doing either because if they are not supporting you, they are simply pushing you away without you even noticing, PERIOD! If it is not positive then it is a negative influence. You should know that negative influences shove you further away from your goals.

Having a hard time deciphering what your surroundings are? Well here’s how you can identify if it is a positive influence. Your positive influences will be the ones who will always encourage you, will use positive words, will build belief, and will always tell you that “you can do it” or “go for it!” If and when you talk about your goals or dreams and those individuals claim it can not be done, you can not do that, to get a real job, to focus on a secure job, you do not have the money, and so forth, then those are negative influences, which I call “energy drainers”.

It takes six positive influences just to sustain a successful life and to function in this world. It takes 20 positive influences to over come 20 “energy drainers”. It takes too much of your time in your life to be bothered with those “energy drainers”. Therefore, you need to get rid of them. The sooner the better!

Now, the greatest factor in all this is that you can choose your positive influences. This could be through CD’s, podcasts, books, magazines, seminars, etc. Now with social networking you can look for and network with successful positive individuals all over the world! This world can be a cruel and nasty place if you let it, so you must filter out the negative whatever it or who may be. Remember, negative surroundings push you away because of their fear of failure! Fear in which they could not prevail, meaning you should not be able to as well! Fear of failure is also what makes you procrastinate from doing the things you “plan” to do. The wall that hides those fears of failure is also the wall that hides success!!!! BE OPTIMISTIC AND CLIMB THAT WALL!!

Justin james