The Best of Secret 2011

2011 has finally come to an end and it has been by far the best year for Secret Entourage yet. Just like a year ago, we have a tradition of recapping our most influential and important articles for the year 2011 but more importantly getting a glimpse of things to come for 2012.

As many of you probably experienced, 2011 was a year of hard work and rewards were quite minimal from an economic standpoint. The unemployment market didn’t get better, Europe is still collapsing and war continues to be on the minds of today’s world leaders but 2011 wasn’t all that disastrous. Plenty of opportunities came for people of all income levels to net some serious cash in the various markets and despite unemployment rates still being high, we witnessed a slight increase in large businesses hiring again.

Despite all the craziness the world faced in 2011, Secret Entourage took quite a different twist and grew significantly as a brand. 2011 marked a great year for us at Secret as we finally took the next step in growing our movement. As you may have noticed, we significantly enhanced the new look of of our site by introducing you to a fully redesigned site, logo, and brand in 2011. We took our reader’s advice and actually listened to all they liked and disliked but also made it have massive appeal. We are particularly proud of our very well thought out new logo, which came as a result of the hard work with the help of one of our sponsors. We also redesigned our eBooks, which now finally look as good as they truly are and all carry a money back guarantee. We at Secret are firm believers of the work we do and want to ensure you get true value from these eBooks.

Now on to the fun part. Here is a review of some of the best articles of the year Secret style…

How I Became a Successful Entrepreneur With a 9-5 Job

This is a recent article but already getting major praise by many as being an inspirational piece on various ways to make entrepreneurship work for you regardless of your circumstances. I share my story on how I balanced a six figure salary corporate America job while building various businesses on the side. Which all came to an abrupt end due to my arrogant attitude. Don’t make the same mistake I did…

Maserati Quattroporte Project “Mafia Boss”

For 2011 we built one of the cleanest modified Maserati Quattroporte’s. Code named Project “Mafia Boss” for it’s all black look; we worked with some of the industry’s finest tuners ranging from ADV1 Wheels to Larini exhaust systems. The Maserati ownership experience was one to remember as well, leaving us with some less than desirable experiences to say the least…

The Value of Time

The single most important variable of entrepreneurship and life in general is the value you of time. Time is equal for each and every single one of us and how you utilize and manage your time may be the deciding factor in your success. We are hard believers that time holds much more weight than money no matter what. A great article and video showing you the value of time.

Steve Jobs – A life and Legacy We Can All Learn From

2011 marked a year of numerous significant events from the Japan earthquake tragedy to the Osama Bin Laden assassination. Hundreds of high profile deaths occurred as well but none could have been more shocking than Apple’s Steve Jobs death. Called an entrepreneur and visionary, Steve Jobs single handily shaped how we shop, interact, and use modern day technologies thanks to his ingenius Apple innovations. Much more can be learned from Steve and the legacy he left behind.

Secret Model Jenna

2011 was a breakout year for Jenna as not only was she the first ever repeat Secret Model feature, she could also be seen on numerous print and online publications. Together with talented photography Ronnie Renaldi and an insane exotic car collection, Jenna stunned us once again with her beautiful looks and assets.

Art of Entrepreneurship Series

ART-E series and the ART-E book were some of Secret’s best segments in 2011. The core of everything we stand for behind good acts of entrepreneurship and the traits needed to succeed with any project we undertake is revealed here.

Secret to Success – Charlie Ferer

Perhaps one of the best success stories for 2011 was none other than Charlie Ferer’s of Paradise Greens and Turf Company. With a secure and stable $150k /yr job, Charlie took the leap of faith and dove into entrepreneurship and needless to say, he’s built a successful business with none other than hard work, dedication, good business decisions, and a bit of luck. This success has transpired into a handful of exotic cars that Charlie enjoys.

Three Places Online To Find Business Ideas

Often times aspiring entrepreneurs say the hardest part of entrepreneurship is finding an idea. The reality is that ideas are all around us whether we notice it or not. Sometimes it’s not what we see but rather what we hear in our surroundings. The same concept can be applied to the internet and in this article we break down several sources of finding business ideas through social media.

Top 10 Ultimate Dream Car Garages

For most of 2010 we covered the top 100 dream car garages which resulted in hundreds of pictures of the most insane car collections ever seen. However, the final top 10 was shown earlier this year and without a doubt it will leave many readers in awe. You haven’t seen true success until you’ve seen how these people live…

A False Opportunity During Rough Times

Without a doubt many people are victims of unemployment which results in sacrifices in their everyday lives to provide for their loved ones. With unemployment comes desperation, a desperation to make ends meet. Unfortunately, many ‘businesses’ offer false opportunity during these rough times by preying on the desperate and uneducated. These opportunities are usually pyramid schemes that are, more or less, scams. We’ve expose these scams in the past but this time take a moment to show you five dead giveaways of a shady business opportunity.

For 2012, we do have a lot in store for you. From great articles to unique videos, we are taking it up two notches and introducing some of our best success stories yet along with some very unique and desirable new eBooks coming to our store. 2012 will also mark the year Secret Entourage will be available as a magazine, so look for more of that later in the year.

On behalf of all of us at Secret Entourage, we wish you all a safe and happy holidays and hope that you have prepared for 2012 as well as we have.