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10 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Working

The mechanics of creating and growing a business are not that mysterious. There are plenty of resources out there to help you. In fact, there is so much out there for you to learn from that if your business isn’t working, then the problem is YOU. In the spirit of telling you the truth so that you can turn things around, here are my top ten reasons why business leaders fail.

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Staying the Course, Till the Very End…

“I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature. “ John D. Rockefeller

As Secret Entourage keeps expanding, more and more of our members want to share their success and mindset with our readers and more and more of our readers want to hear of others doing great things. This month’s guest post comes form Justin James about how perseverance can lead to success. Continue Reading

The Power of Self Confidence

When faced with fears, it is often in our nature to create excuses that keep us from even attempting an actual challenge. It is often in ourselves the we recognize the challenge and stay away from it or in some cases do our best to avoid it all together. What is it that creates that fear that keeps us confined to our old ways and prevents us from growing into our full potential?

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Project Maserati Quattroporte “Mafia BOSS” – Final Phase

Our Project “Mafia BOSS” has come to an end in it’s project format but will remain in the Secret Entourage family through 2012 as we add a few more components from our friends at Larini and Formula Dynamics. For the final stage of the project, we are going to recap all that took place, the experience of owning a Quattroporte GT and a review of those that helped us with this project.

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SR Auto Group – 2011 Recap

Known for their distinct vision, philosophy and attention to detail, SR Auto Group has continued to set the bar in the world of automotive tuning and lifestyle. Every project, whether minor or major, have all become major successes for SR Auto Group with such memorable projects ranging from the exclusive Lamborghini Reventon to the basic Scion xB. With 2011 coming to an end, we thought it was good moment to catch up with Tony Yuen, co-founder of SR Auto Group, to do a brief recap on what they’ve been up to.

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Steve Jobs – A Life and Legacy We Can All Learn From

Apple, a company which until a several years ago was nothing more than an alternative to the Microsoft powered computer, is now one of the world’s most valued and performing companies. It wasn’t, however, Apple’s amazing technology or advancement that allowed it to become the empire it is today. It was rather Steve Jobs’ vision which started in his garage over 20 years ago. There have been countless articles written on Apple and Steve Jobs by just about every major publication and news magazines, but it wasn’t until Steve Jobs recent passing that the world took a minute to revisit what made the man into such an amazing visionary, inventor, and business man.

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7 Cufflinks Worth Checking Out

Cufflinks matter despite having somewhat become a thing of the past. It is often because most men do not know how to style them and really do not understand the power that is behind them. Similar to a woman wearing pearls as a sign of status and power, cufflinks do the same thing in business especially when correctly matched. You must think of cufflinks as a fitted item despite them being “one size fits all”. The correct match must occur in order to differentiate yourself in a positive manner. We’ll take you through 7 of our favorites and show you the true value of why details do matter…

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