The Power of Self Confidence

When faced with fears, it is often in our nature to create excuses that keep us from even attempting an actual challenge. It is often in ourselves the we recognize the challenge and stay away from it or in some cases do our best to avoid it all together. What is it that creates that fear that keeps us confined to our old ways and prevents us from growing into our full potential?

Many argue that you cannot change overnight and that fear is habitual based on past lifestyle and circumstance. You could say that someone that was raised in a dangerous neighborhood no longer has a fear of walking alone at night even if he/she is now in a different place. This behavior could be linked to the fact that being raised in such environment allowed this person to learn to overcome that fear but is it necessary for us to be in an extreme situation or circumstance in order to overcome a fear?

Lets rewind for a second and think about habits. Are habits a reason for fear? If we are used to doing a certain things a certain way, do we fear not getting the same outcome by trying a different path? What if such path actually allows us to go further? What about bad habits, are they also based on fear? If you can’t stop smoking, is that due to being afraid?

These are circumstances and habits that have made us who we are till today but have no weight on who we become tomorrow. Regardless of where we are, who we are, or what challenges face us; we possess the ability to control our outcome by not being afraid to face our challenges. The reason that person is not afraid of walking alone is because he confronted that fear early on and moved past it. You as an individual have the same opportunity but unlike him, are not forced to overcome it and therefore your mind’s lack of self confidence and laziness prevents you from dealing with it unless faced with the situation. The main idea here is that in order to unleash your full potential and be READY to pursue those opportunities that present themselves to you, you must be willing to prepare your mindset and abilities by facing the fears you hold today.

Hold the self confidence to practice facing the fears that will come up later and understand that your preparedness to the situation is the main force to overcoming any challenge regardless of when presented. It is better to face theses challenges today and overcome them, rather than take a chance when more is at stake. Hold the self confidence to go head to head with your fears early on. When dealing with a negative habit, do not allow the excuse that “you cannot quit overnight” to keep you from getting there. You can quit a bad habit overnight, but you must train your mind to understand it takes discipline, work, and commitment. The mind controls much more than just your actions, it controls your ability to withstand a lot of pressure and push your body, muscles or any other components of your self to that next plateau.

Believe you can and you will!