7 Cufflinks Worth Checking Out

Cufflinks matter despite having somewhat become a thing of the past. It is often because most men do not know how to style them and really do not understand the power that is behind them. Similar to a woman wearing pearls as a sign of status and power, cufflinks do the same thing in business especially when correctly matched. You must think of cufflinks as a fitted item despite them being “one size fits all”. The correct match must occur in order to differentiate yourself in a positive manner. We’ll take you through 7 of our favorites and show you the true value of why details do matter…

If you are struggling but about to interview for your dream job then you better listen up closely… the answer is a sharp suit and cufflinks. As small as cufflinks are, they are a power item every man must have in their closet or watch box. Regardless of what the occasion might be to wear a suit, there is always a correct matching set of cuffs that should go with it. We have had the argument of the watch being one of the most drastic items one can wear as it says so much about a person, cufflinks on the other hand do not command the same attention but rather help elevate the level of attention to the watch or the suit. There are numerous types of cuffs out there, from expressive cuffs to elegant oversize cuffs… you can just about find anything you want. Here are some of the hottest or most expressive we have found:

Chris Aire Fine Jewelers – Statement of a lifetime. Made of rare materials and just simply an ostentatious manner. If you are in a position where money simply doesnt matter, this statement is a must have.  Made in Platinum with yellow and white diamonds, these cufflinks are simply a rare piece of art. For those wealthy enough, you can find these on Chris Aire website for just north of $700,000.

Mini REAL Working Vintage Lighter Cufflinks – These vintage cufflinks which originated in gumball machines in the early 50s will definitely make a mark on your older business rivals. Despite smoking being a weakness that we will simply not endorse, these might win you fans at the local cigar parlor. This and many other custom made cufflinks can be found on Etsy.com for about $50.

FACEBOOK ME – For all those affluent facebookers and tweeters. Show your social media suave with these FaceBook cufflinks, perfect for a networking event. Simple, but will definitely break the ice with potential clients and new friends. Very Gen Y driven but not refined enough for a high end event. Everyone needs a set of fun cuffs and these will do the job real well for that. Can be found on Cufflinks.com for about $50.

Google me – Get your QR code or BBM pin on these cufflinks. More efficient than a business card, just pull up your jacket and let the scanning begin. Talk about being high tech, great for IT folks that will instantly recognize it but also subtle enough for others to think nothing more than a simple design. Can be found on Cufflinks.com for about $50.

Razi – Geek is chic and oh so flashy: Form and Function at it’s finest. Buckling the loose ends on your cuffs and storing your whole presentation all at the same time. You will never be underdressed or underprepared! Another favorite by Gen Y, students and techies all around. You can find these on Cufflinks.com for about $225.

Louis Vuitton Lock and Key – The very essence of everything you need to know. Have your business and life under lock and the key to protecting your loved ones. These LV links will always be a classic go to piece. They work very well as they are fashionable, and recognizable giving your suit that extra rich feel. A bit on the pricey side at $555 but you can find these at Louis Vuitton.

SR Auto Group Watch Tourbillion – These are a must have regardless of function for all watch lovers worldwide. Some of today’s finest watch cufflinks made of some of today’s best materials. Available anywhere from $490 to $2000 depending on the materials you pick. These are guaranteed to get attention and overpower any cuffs. You can see this and more at the SR Lifestyle Boutique.

Just keep in mind when picking cufflinks that what you choose to wear says a lot more about you than you might think. Similar to wearing an odd color suit, wearing awkward or inappropriate cuffs can have a very negative effect. It is often a great conversation starter as to why you are wearing a certain type and you can use that to leverage where you would like the conversations to go that day by picking a certain set. Be creative, appropriate, classy and smart about your choices