SR Auto Group – 2011 Recap

Known for their distinct vision, philosophy and attention to detail, SR Auto Group has continued to set the bar in the world of automotive tuning and lifestyle. Every project, whether minor or major, have all become major successes for SR Auto Group with such memorable projects ranging from the exclusive Lamborghini Reventon to the basic Scion xB. With 2011 coming to an end, we thought it was good moment to catch up with Tony Yuen, co-founder of SR Auto Group, to do a brief recap on what they’ve been up to.

Since we last talked, it looks like SR Auto expanded it’s services to go beyond cars. What have you guys introduced to the SR brand?

The agenda for our lifestyle concept went full force in 2011. We kicked off the year by debuting the very first issue of Lifestyle by SR, an online magazine. It was an instant success with over 3800+ subscribers and continues to grow daily. In April, we officially launched the SR Lifestyle Boutique where we feature exclusive products by prestigious companies such as:

Mobiado – Redefining the mobile phone industry with a distinct flair in design, luxury, and style.

Fazioli – Renowned for its half million dollar M. Luminal piano design, Fazioli instruments are regarded by professional pianists to be the finest in the world.

TF Est.1968 – In homage to the gentlemen’s timepiece, TF is moving fashion and time forward with their stunning tourbillion cufflinks.

Timepieces – As an aspiring watch collector myself, this section can only be described as ‘a perk of the job’. We are honored to be one of the first boutiques to offer the Devon Works Tread1 in Canada. Our collection has since expanded to an exquisite inventory that we are proud to showcase.

What is your definition of the SR Lifestyle?

The SR Lifestyle is an experience. It is dining at the finest restaurant with the most extraordinary chef. It is drinking a fantastic bottle of wine on a brisk fall evening, with a mellow sound of jazz flowing in the background. It is about exploring the finer moments in life and having a little fun while you’re at it. If I tried to explain it, then I wouldn’t be living it.

For 2011 alone, how was the growth of SR Auto? What could you accredit the growth to?

We have experienced a remarkable growth in sales figures, staff, exposure and most significantly – opportunities. The growth can be accredited to our hard working team, affiliates and media such as Secret Entourage. It has given us the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the world.

We see you won a contest where Scion contacted you to build your version of their xB. What can you tell us about that build?

I have always been captivated by the xB. Loud, unconventional, and overstated – in my eyes, it is the xB that introduced the tuning culture to a whole new generation. When Scion contacted us about the Tuner Challenge, I saw it as an opportunity to summon the tuning devil inside to build a show stopper like in the good old days.

As if it were meant to be, we were chosen to represent the West Coast and the vehicle assigned to our mission would be the 2011 Scion xB. We called upon an extensive list of sponsors to deliver an insane amount of gear and went to work. Within a tight three month schedule, we created SR Project Anarchy.

Anarchy represents uncontested, creative freedom. There is no conformity, structure or limits when it comes to the way we approach design. Keeping with the SR mentality, we put together a minimalistic, sleek concept with an understated luxury theme.

The highlight of this build is definitely its extensive body work, phenomenal attention to detail, and true testament to the art of wheel fitment. Rather on focusing heavily in one area, we built a perfectly balanced piece that showcases our team’s talent, vision and character.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of our affiliates, friends and sponsors. I would like to take this chance to say a special, heartfelt thank you to them for helping us make this project a tremendous success!

What was your reaction when you learned you won?

I got the phone call from Philip, our representative who was live at ImportFest, Montreal. After we got the initial screaming out of the way – I was ecstatic!  I felt extremely proud of our team and that their hard work paid off. We were up against very worthy opponents, and to win it on the East Coast made it extra special.

Can you highlight your top 3 builds from 2011 and why there are significant to you?

SR Project Superleggera ‘Vixious’

Bright, bold and reminiscent of a Sunkist orange, Vixious just brings a smile my face. Simply irresistible, we took an eyebrow raising idea and made it work. Brainstorming with PUR Wheels, we came up with a remarkable modern, matte gray finish that perfectly ties this vibrant project together. Featured in numerous blogs, articles and automotive forums, its photos have made its way around the globe. Every time we take Vixious for a cruise downtown, it stuns the public, and that is exactly why this is one of our top builds of 2011.

SR Project LP640 ‘Ballistic’

The wild child. Once in a while, we get to unleash what I call, creative insanity. Ballistic is not a project that comes along everyday and that why it stands out so memorably in my mind. The LP640 is already a super aggressive platform to play with. In this unique case, we were given the big green light to make this an absolute beast. Featuring the primitive body styling of Premier 4509 and PUR 2W0 multi-spoke wheel, it took some intensive customization and vision to make history. Hate it or love it – it has a definitive wow factor to its design and goes down in the books as one of our most eccentric builds.

SR Project 458 ‘Zeus’

A machine of this magnitude deserves a project name equal to its greatness. From its thunderous roar to its glamorous Novitec armor, I still get goose bumps when ‘Zeus’ pulls into our bay. The fact that this project can leave me speechless is enough for it to be crowned as one of our top builds.

Aside from those project cars, does SR Auto Group have anything to show at SEMA?

We received a tempting proposal to work on a very unique project to debut at SEMA this year. However, due to time constraints, we had to respectfully pass on the opportunity. The great news is that SR Project xB Anarchy will be making its SEMA debut as the Scion Tuner Challenge Winner!

What do you anticipate and look forward to for the year 2012?

2012 is going to be innovative, ground-breaking and challenging. Starting with the expansion of the SR Service Division, we are excited to deliver the ultimate convenience to our clients. Our upcoming new division will allow us to monitor, service, maintain mechanically and electronically, all the vehicles we currently touch upon. We will also be collaborating on our first joint design with PUR Wheels, tailoring a fresh concept exclusively for the Lamborghini Aventador!  The SR calendar is already marked with upcoming lifestyle events, so follow us via website, Twitter, and Facebook as we embark on a electrifying year.

We want to thank Tony and the rest of the team at SR Auto Group for their continued support of Secret Entourage. 2011 is far from over so stay tuned for epicness as we showcase the SR Lifestyle in the next several months.