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Secret to Success – Rob Ferretti

If there was one dream job guys wish for, it would be being able to walk into work everyday and be greeted by several million dollars worth of exotics at your disposal. Luckily, this dream is real for Rob Ferretti, co-founder of Gotham Dream Cars, the nations most exclusive exotic car rental company. We sit down with Rob as he shares his secret to success story on how only a few years ago with a hundred bucks to his name, he seized opportunity when it presented itself.

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Secret Model – Jenna Part 2

secret model jenna baisley

Since the world got introduced to Jenna Baisley by the ridiculously HOT Ferrari F430 shoot we brought you last year, we decided that it would be unfair if we didn’t do part 2.  The original shoot was done courtesy of the very talented Ronnie Renaldi who we’ve featured many times on here, so it only made sense to reach out to him and have him setup what you will call the most “EPIC” model shoot ever.

Introducing Jenna Baisley with one of the most insane car collections to date, from the almighty F40 to the Lamborghini Lp640. Ronnie Renaldi made sure Jenna got cars worth her caliber… Enjoy!!!!! Continue Reading

Mind of an Entrepreneur: Jordan Swerdloff

In celebration of the release of the highly anticipated ART-E: The Master Entrepreneur, the sequel to STAY POOR we are going to be bringing you a new series of articles asking some of today’s 10 most innovative lifestyle entrepreneurs to share their thoughts on the concept of entrepreneurship and how they are using the principles in the book to take their businesses or ideas to the next level. From failure to innovation, the world of entrepreneurship is without limits as ideas are nothing more than variations of what the eyes communicate to the brain. Our first entrepreneur, is one that has learned to fail based on experience and now leveraged his learning to grow his second attempt at the same industry into the ultimate wheel company. You’ve heard me saying before how much I admire those that know how to fail, learn and never give up…

Meet Jordan Swerdloff, founder and president of ADV1 Wheels.

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Project Maserati Quattroporte “Mafia Boss” – Phase 3

Last month we introduced the almighty ADV1 8.0 Trackspec wheels to our car, changing its looks instantly to the meanest and best looking Quattroporte to date. This month we are going to take you through stance and what makes ours so perfect. Two months ago we showed you how Larini helped bring the Ferrari V8 to life and how Formula Dynamics helped facilitate that partnership. Jeff and his team at Formula Dynamics have been awesome in their support of Secret Entourage and this project and so it was a no brainer to go see them first and get a lesson in suspension and what is the right fit for the Quattroporte.

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Luxury Real Estate – Casa Kimball Private Retreat

Sure you could buy an amazing $20 million dollar house and spend all your money up-keeping your property and paying a staff to cater to your every need but you would be wasting a lot of money if you lived in it less than 6 months a year. The alternative is Casa Kimball, a private retreat for rent right in the Caribbean.  This villa was designed with the highest standards of design by the Rangr Studio architectural firm and leaves you with nothing less than the most breath taking views over the Atlantic Ocean.

Pricing isn’t set and fully negotiable based on your stay but we are told by sources that you are looking at $8000 per day at the very least and that some of its occupants have been known to stay over a month at a time. Keep reading to see why this simplistic yet magnificent piece of real estate is worth its admission price.

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D2 Forged + WWE= A Good Business Decision

Making smart business decisions is key to being successful as an entrepreneur and as a business. Making partnerships with larger and more wide spread WWE was one such great decision made by our friends at D2 Forged. They previously had allowed WWE usage of their M6 cabriolet which was a huge hit but this time rolled out a new 997 Turbo sporting a set of MB1 Monoblocks, one of our favorite wheels. So we thought to ourselves that WWE has quite a large following and perhaps D2 is doing more than just tuning a car, and therefore decided to go have  a chat with our friends at D2 Forged Wheels.

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Ferrari Superamerica 45 Preview

What do you do when a run-of-the-mill Ferrari 599 just isn’t enough? You could spring for the 599xx, but if you want a car you can drive on the street as well, you can be one of Ferrari’s exclusive customers to receive a one-off automobile customized to your liking.

Enter the Ferrari Special Projects Superamerica 45. An American art collector named Peter Kalikow commissioned the vehicle from Ferrari to be made in celebration of the 45th anniversary of his first Ferrari purchase, which was a convertible 1961 400 Superamerica.

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