D2 Forged + WWE= A Good Business Decision

Making smart business decisions is key to being successful as an entrepreneur and as a business. Making partnerships with larger and more wide spread WWE was one such great decision made by our friends at D2 Forged. They previously had allowed WWE usage of their M6 cabriolet which was a huge hit but this time rolled out a new 997 Turbo sporting a set of MB1 Monoblocks, one of our favorite wheels. So we thought to ourselves that WWE has quite a large following and perhaps D2 is doing more than just tuning a car, and therefore decided to go haveĀ  a chat with our friends at D2 Forged Wheels.

This is the second association with WWE? Is there a tie-in or partnership that is coming up?

Yes this is our second time working with the WWE, the first was when they contacted us for a BMW M6 for Alberto Del Rio. The vehicle was driven into ringside for Smackdown. When this call came to open for Monday Night Raw, with even bigger names, like Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena, we were all in! Within the first 10 minutes of a 2 hour event, the words “D2-Edition” are said by the announcer….THATS HUGE!! This platform is one that I don’t really think people really grasp. The WWE Raw Facebook page has a million “likes”, if that’s how many fans they have on Facebook, just imagine how many people worldwide are viewing these events! After our first show, we were getting emails from Paris, France, with people saying they saw the “D2” car.

Promotion and product placement is key in any sales business, but within the custom wheel business it’s even more crucial. This is because we have to sell image as well as quality. We were looking for the right venue to place a vehicle with our wheels. We have done music videos, and even a couple of indie films, but none of them even come close to the WWE. If music videos are a vehicle, then the WWE is a locomotive!! Add to that the sheer magnitude of commercial advertising (remember this airs on the USA Network), and the stage is truly set.

Funny you ask about partnerships, without divulging too many sensitive details, I can say that our “arrangement” is already in place with the executive producers of the show! Its pretty safe to say you can expect to see a lot more D2 vehicles on that big screen. I’m honestly blown away by the opportunity to partner with a multimedia giant on the level of the WWE.

How does this help D2 and the brand?

I really do not know where to start, since its pushes our brand in so many different ways!

The mere fact that the producers of the show saw our content, loved it and picked up a phone makes our product that much more desirable. Some of the wealthiest individuals in the entertainment business are connected to the WWE, and they choose D2FORGED. These television airings have opened many other doors for us to work with more mainstream media corporations.This also serves to show that our marketing plan is solid, and the targeting of mainstream consumers was the right one!

It also does a lot for our current customers, as it raises the brand awareness of our products. Imagine the guy that ordered a set of MB1’s sitting on the couch and seeing his wheels on TV, that’s a big deal!!

Lastly it is of great assistance to our dealer network. Its a lot easier to sell a product when it has mainstream visibility. To make my point, sales volume on the MB1 model are up 35% in the last week

The M6 was the first D2 car to make it onto the WWE stage, and then came the 911 Turbo, what will the next car be?

As I mentioned before, our followers can look forward to seeing many more D2FORGED Vehicles on the WWE but I guess you will have to see the next show to see if we unveil another masterpiece and what it will be.

Make sure to check out the video below for the live footage of the D2 997 Turbo making its television debut right about the 12 min marker.