Luxury Real Estate – Casa Kimball Private Retreat

Sure you could buy an amazing $20 million dollar house and spend all your money up-keeping your property and paying a staff to cater to your every need but you would be wasting a lot of money if you lived in it less than 6 months a year. The alternative is Casa Kimball, a private retreat for rent right in the Caribbean.  This villa was designed with the highest standards of design by the Rangr Studio architectural firm and leaves you with nothing less than the most breath taking views over the Atlantic Ocean.

Pricing isn’t set and fully negotiable based on your stay but we are told by sources that you are looking at $8000 per day at the very least and that some of its occupants have been known to stay over a month at a time. Keep reading to see why this simplistic yet magnificent piece of real estate is worth its admission price.

casa kimball

casa kimball

2004 Lamborghini Gallardo
Listed for sale at $98,000
Bought at $80,000 plus tax & tags
Drove for 4 months then posted for sale
Sold for $93,000 in less than 30 days
Made $9,000 in Profit

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