Project Maserati Quattroporte “Mafia Boss” – Phase 3

Last month we introduced the almighty ADV1 8.0 Trackspec wheels to our car, changing its looks instantly to the meanest and best looking Quattroporte to date. This month we are going to take you through stance and what makes ours so perfect. Two months ago we showed you how Larini helped bring the Ferrari V8 to life and how Formula Dynamics helped facilitate that partnership. Jeff and his team at Formula Dynamics have been awesome in their support of Secret Entourage and this project and so it was a no brainer to go see them first and get a lesson in suspension and what is the right fit for the Quattroporte.

Jeff and his team educated us on the car itself and a particular spring they had designed in-house just for the Quattroporte Sport GT. So we decided to trust Jeff’s expertise and go with it excited to see how the stance actually comes out. The install was fairly quick thanks to Josh at ECS who did the job in less than 5 hours and made sure to align the car and adjust the camber as well.

The overall results were quite pleasing since the car sits very high off the ground to begin with and bringing it down almost 2” made its stance just right. The handling had slightly improved and the ride quality wasn’t impacted as badly as we expected. It is to be said that the ride is a bit noisier with such a significant drop but it is expected with any kind of lowering.

Overall, a huge win for anyone looking to lower their cars. The springs sell for $1395 which makes them a bargain compared to other alternatives priced well above the $2000 mark. If you are looking for that perfect stance, make sure to call Formula Dynamics.