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5 Basic Steps to Becoming a Great Leader


Leadership traits exist within all of us, regardless of what position we hold in our work or at home.  It is in all of us to make some great choices in tough situations as well as make pro-active choices to keep ourselves from getting into a bind. Regardless of the situation, location or time, the power remains in your hands. One of the main questions I ask everyone during interviews that wants to join my team is simply to differentiate management from leadership, and to make me understand which is more important to them. They often fail and therefore lose the opportunity.

So I decided to take a moment and break it down for all of you that might be struggling on the core competencies that make a leader.

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Cost of Ownership of an Exotic Luxury Car

platinum motorsports exotic cars

In our last installment we covered the cost of ownership of an exotic car, so here we go again but this time we are going to deep dive in the cost of ownership of exotic luxury cars, like the Bentley Continental GT, Rolls Royce Phantom, Aston Martin DB9, and the Mercedes AMG line up. All of those cars are spectacular and unlike exotic sport cars, they are meant to be driven everyday; but are they really worth the dollar per mile?

We take another look into what it really cost to drive your dream ride…

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LUM – TEC Bull45

lumtec M45 Secret Entourage version

Our LUM-TEC Bull45 is finally here and it is by far one of our favorite watches. This newest LUM-TEC was sent to us last week and have had a full week to really enjoy it before bringing you guys our thoughts on this latest piece by the masters of affordable time pieces. This watch is much different than last month’s LUM-TEC M9 which we reviewed as it commands much more attention due to its larger size and thicker case. The design is very similar in a sense to the famous Bell & Ross designs which are square and commando like. There are however many differences that allow it to not stand out as some sort of look-a-like or replica…

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Secret Model – Moya

model with viper

We gave you a quick glimpse of our summer line up of amazing beauties last month, but this month we actually get to bring you the real thing. Introducing Moya, a spectacular playmate posing with the Secret Entourage Lamborghini Murcielago and Dodge Viper.

Moya has a decent amount of experience and has worked with our photographer before so it made the shoot quite easy; the hardest part was getting her to let go of the Lamborghini…

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Fear is Your Friend

money down toilet

“Be afraid when everyone invests; but invest when everyone is afraid”

In a recent article we discussed how fear keeps you from being able to take the necessary steps to being successful. We must look beyond our basic day to day fear in order to be successful, but this shouldn’t keep up from playing off of other people’s fear which have yet to be overcome. As we discussed fear makes people act in predictable ways, which is what the news anticipates, as it makes its money this way. So you can also predict people’s reactions and drive some major market wins for your business or finances…

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Relationships Are Everything – SR Auto Group Audi R8

sr auto group adv1 wheels

Business relationships are everything, and Tony Yuen of SR Auto Group shares how his relationships with some of the biggest players in the automotive industry helped him complete the most amazing Audi R8 you have yet to see. Sr Auto Group is notorious for delivering some of the world’s most exotic cars and when Tony shared his success story with us a few months back, we all got to witness first hand that being successful takes hard work and dedication. In this latest project, Tony calls on PPI and ADV1 Wheels to help him create the masterpiece known as “Valkyrie”

Here is project “Valkyrie” unveiled and Tony Yuen to tell us all about it…

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Reader’s Question: How to Start Investing in Stocks?

how to invest

I received 4 different emails on this topic in the past few weeks and decided to just do a basic feature on the topic, since it seems to be on everyone’s mind. The best part is that it is quite relevant and in good timing seeing the craziness of whats going on out there with the stock market. The main focus of this article will be the Stock Market. I will have monthly features on Real Estate, Commodities, and Foreign currencies in the next few months.

Here are the 5 basic things you need to know about getting into the stock market:

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