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Business relationships are everything, and Tony Yuen of SR Auto Group shares how his relationships with some of the biggest players in the automotive industry helped him complete the most amazing Audi R8 you have yet to see. Sr Auto Group is notorious for delivering some of the world’s most exotic cars and when Tony shared his success story with us a few months back, we all got to witness first hand that being successful takes hard work and dedication. In this latest project, Tony calls on PPI and ADV1 Wheels to help him create the masterpiece known as “Valkyrie”

Here is project “Valkyrie” unveiled and Tony Yuen to tell us all about it…

sr auto group valkyrie r8

Tony, thank you once again for sharing with this incredible project with Secret Entourage and for taking some time to talk to us about it. The last time we spoke you had just finished the incredible Lamborghini Reventon and now this. WOW… Words can’t describe the beauty that you bring out of each of your projects.

You named this project “Valkyrie”, why?

Re-engineering begins with a name that will properly personify its design. In the modern era, Valkyries have been the subject of works of art, musical works and poetry. We chose Valkyrie because it perfectly represents the tone of the R8 V10: dark, uncanny and evasive. Our objective was to create a sleek, stealth-like design while accentuating aerodynamic features and ensuring a bespoke luxury contemporary theme.

adv1 wheels audi r8

What was done to the body of the Audi R8 V10? Any reason why all your cars are matte black?

The Audi R8 was originally Ice Metallic Silver, we applied our signature Leios Matte Black vinyl over the entire vehicle. The aerodynamics was courtesy of PPI – A high gloss carbon fiber front air dam, side skirts, and rear skirt to contrast the matte upper body finish. The highest standards are realized in bringing together details. Throughout the body panels, you will find high gloss accents from the side door blades to the Audi front/rear decals. All exterior lighting pieces have a light tint to blend with the body.

Matte Black is a distinguished feature we want people to associate with SR, similar to how we associate monogram to a particular fashion house label.  Contrary to matte black, we recently debuted several new exterior matte finishes: Militar Grey on Project Range Rover and Titanium Frost on Project Cayman ‘Hermera’.

audi Leios Matte Black

We noticed you used ADV1 wheels for this project, as well as the Lamborghini Reventon? What made their wheels a fit?

Looking at the overall design of the vehicle, we wanted to balance the rear heavy stance of the Audi R8 with depth. This is where ADV 1 came into play because many of their design concepts emphasize dimensional concave. Together with our client, we selected the ADV7.1 and added some personal characteristics to it. In line with our theme, the face of the wheel would be a matte black finish with an outer lip glossy black accent.

How did this partnership with ADV1 and PPI come to play?

This is actually the first time we’ve collaborated with PPI and ADV 1 together on a project. After the initial design and concept was drawn out, we just gave both sides a shout to get the engines started and everyone was immediately onboard. Having the professional support of these two manufacturer’s allowed us to execute each stage efficiently and have the vehicle on schedule for its highly anticipated debut.

Tell us more about this custom interior, we heard you actually created a lot of the parts yourself?

The R8 cabin is where we elevated individuality to opulent luxury. A complete redesign, we upgraded components to carbon fiber from door handles, side panels of the center console to the dash unit. The entire upholstery has been tailored based on the ‘SR Executive Concept’.  Hand-stitched venetian red appointments with exquisite suede leather hide complete the surroundings.

sr auto audi r8 v10

ppi audi r8

That’s a lot of work, and you seem to have put a lot of pride on this project. What is the significance of this project and its impact on your business growth?

This R8 V10 was shipped to us by a client from another province, exclusively for this SR project feature.  This was a special challenge for our team to create a vehicle design and ensure its impact will send shockwaves upon return to its hometown.

Having the opportunity to work with a client from another province signifies our growth as a company and that our style can be an influence anywhere.

matte black audi r8

Thank you again for taking the time to talk to us about your latest Audi R8 masterpiece, we are convinced that it will have the exact impact you are predicting it will have once it hits the streets.

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As we all witnessed here, great partnerships lead to amazing results, it’s the simplest rule in business. Do what you do best and create partnerships that take you further and allow you to get to the results you want with the least amount of efforts.